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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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The easiest way to find the right gifts for all the bowhunters on your Christmals list.

Christmas Gifts for the Bowhunter - pg 2
By Rich Walton
Nov 1, 2008 - 6:33:40 AM

Trophy Bag Kooler

Keeping your harvest cool is paramount to preventing spoilage.  The Trophy Bag Kooler™ does just that.  Deer, antelope, hogs, and turkeys can be placed in the bag and then iced down to keep the carcass at a temperature of 36 to 40 degrees.  Also may be used to keep you warm in survival situations. Contact:  Trophy Bag Kooler, LLC, Toll Free at 1-866-789-6941 - Visit: Trophy Bag Kooler

BinoArmorfrom Carson Optical
A perfect gift for the bowhunter(s) in your life.  The protective binocular wrap is made of durable neoprene.  It is built with a magnetic closure for convenience and to avoid startling wildlife.  Attach the BinoArmor™ to your binoculars via the elastic strap and simply fold down the flaps for your viewing pleasure.  Pair with your favorite 42mm binoculars.    MSRP $20: Visit: CARSON OPTICAL

SmartScouter - Game Pictures Via Your Cell Phone

Imagine A scouting camera system capable of sending you photos from your hunting areas instantly right to your Cell Phone and Computer. With the SmartScouter system it's that easy and all you need is an internet connection or cell phone to view all the latest images from your favorite hunting spots. 888-70- SCOUT (72688) or click to: Smart Scouter
For video: Show Me

ROPE RATCHET™   is available in 5 Sizes and is a real boon to all outdoorsmen who transport everything from boats, motorcycles, jet ski's and loads from boxes to crates to tarps to furniture.Manufactured from heavy duty, #6 - 30% Glass Filled Nylon outer casing, interior mechanisms from Die Cast Zinc and fitted with solid braided polyester rope with Zinc plated steel hooks, the patented ROPE RATCHET™ is a super tough unit perfect for all levels of tie-down needs.
For video: Tie It Down
To buy go here: Rope Ratchet

Bill Moore's Hot Trails
are buck enticing scent candles that you place at strategic locations to cover your scent or put lure scent into the air. The heated scent rises naturally and rides the air currents to the deer. If you want to bring the deer to you, grab them by the nose with Hot Trails. The success ratio qualifies this unique product as a 'must have' product for the avid hunter. Hot Trails

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