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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Conrad Checks Boot Buddy
By Dave Conrad
Oct 20, 2005, 06:23

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Dave Conrad

BOOT BUDDY from Triple R Outdoors

by Dave Conrad

Boot Buddy Fits on boot

Remember the saying “Keep it simple” or seeing a device that is so simple you ponder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Many times a hunter comes up with a quick fix for a situation that may blossom into a great product.  Bob Reed is one such hunter who didn’t let his idea of the Boot Buddy lay to rest.  The BOOT BUDDY™ is a “no mess” scent dispenser which you strap onto your boot.  It utilizes a one ounce plastic bottle that is capable of dispensing scent up to 525 yards. 

Scent trails can be very effective on trophy animals during the rut.  A well placed scent trail in a transition zone can pretty much guarantee that a deer will cross its path.  Now there is a lot depending on if a deer will follow it.  Most of the time deer tend to follow them out of curiosity during early season when the rut is not a factor.   But during the rut I find they work around 50 percent of the time if laid down correctly.  In the past this meant reapplying scent to a drag rag at frequent intervals mainly because the scent trail would weaken as you walked.

But unlike drag rags the scent trail from the BOOT BUDDY™ is always “hot”.   How many times have you been sitting in your treestand and watch as a buck hits your drag line only to go in the opposite direction?  This is less likely with the BOOT BUDDY™.  The formulated cap utilizes the small amount of shock generated from each step to disperse fresh scent.

Another feature that distinguishes it from drag rags is the no Hang Up scenarios.  How many times have you tried to walk through some brush and have your string hang up or get torn off?  With the boot buddy this problem is totally eliminated because the tough nylon type case stands up to the abuse of brush.  It is also totally silent so there is no worry about spooking game.

To use, simply fill up the dispensing bottle to the designated line and secure the top.  Next place the bottle in the rugged naugahyde case and secure using the rustproof brass snap.  The Advantage Classic camo case inverts the bottle so it can be secured to your ankle by a Velcro strap.

The strap is made of  durable elastic so you should have no problem fastening it to any size boot.  Finally open the nozzle on the bottle and start walking. A great feature of the BOOT BUDDY™ is when you stop walking the unit stops dispensing scent.  Or if you need a little more scent just shake your leg.  This is a great feature for freshening up a scrap as you walk by.


When you reach your hunting destination you can then hang the BOOT BUDDY™ in a tree to eliminate the need for messy wicks or cotton balls.


Design 4 of 5


The tuff naugahyde case and nylon binding will take the rigors of many hunting seasons.  A single bottle is included with each BOOT BUDDY™ and additional bottles are available for quick and easy changing of scents. 

The design is simple yet very efficient for dispensing scent.  The first step is just as strong as the last.  In my tests the bottle dispensed a minimum of three to four drops with every step.  The BOOT BUDDY™ is easy to use and there are no worries about messy scents.  The only drawback is once at your stand site and removing the system.  The Velcro makes an audible sound no matter how careful you are.

Price 4.5 of 5

At a retail price of under $15 the BOOT BUDDY™ is very cost effective and should have no problems taking the abuse of several hunting seasons.  Yes a rag and a string may be cheaper but the pitfalls of snags and shreds just don’t add up.     Next season I’m taking my BOOT BUDDY™ with me into the field to disperse scent.

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