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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Elimitrax - Like You Were Never There!
By Dave Conrad
Jan 2, 2007, 06:24

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Dave Conrad

Elimitrax and Elimiscent Hunting Systems

One of the most difficult tasks to achieve when hunting any wild game with a sensitive nose is to slip in and out of the area without detection.  It seems no matter how hard you try your scent is always being picked up.  Whether it is the tall grass you walk through or the low limbs you pushed out of the way in route to your stand something is always contaminated.

In years past I used a regime, which I believed, worked fairly well.  It included rubber boots and saturating them as well as my clothes with a scent neutralizing spray. It wasn't until several failures later that I realized that the spray is worn from my boots within the first couple of steps and I was once again depositing the rubber molecules that spook game animals with each step I took.  I use to blame these failures on my unknowingly touching something on the way to my stand, I also use to accredit this to a partial sixth sense that trophy animals have about them.  I have come to realize however, that my hunting apparel, all hunting apparel, and all hunting boots, constantly shed molecules that produce game spooking out-gases, or odor. These molecules of rubber or fibers from hunting pants are deposited as I travel through my hunting area giving away the fact that I am them. I've seen numerous times a trophy buck or an old doe hitting my entry trail and either blowing out of the area or at lease becoming alert and quietly leaving the area. I firmly believe that residual ground scent has ruined more hunts than hunters care to admit. I can control the airborne odors simply by using the wind favor but the ground scent left behind can be detected for days in some cases and can burn out a stand site quicker than anything.

This same scenario played out in 1998 with a hunter by the name of Scott Whitlock.  He, like me and many other hunters, wore rubber boots and was very disappointed in their effectiveness.  His quest for a mature trophy whitetail that year was abruptly cut short when the animal crossed his entry trail to his stand.  Right then and there he vowed to come up with a product that would never let this happen again.

This year for me has been different thanks to his product that is not an elimination spray or absorption material but an actual barrier.  Elimiscent material is used in the manufacturing of the Elimitrax Over-Boot System and accompanying gloves. This system forms a barrier between your skin, clothes, boots and the environment.

Elimitrax Over-Boot System

Elimiscent gloves are gauntlet style gloves that slip on just like regular gloves and extend well above your elbows.  Elimitrax Over-Boot, consist of two parts comprised of new Elimiscent plastics technology that include soles and uppers that cover your entire legs.  Both products employ a new proprietary plastics technology that virtually eliminates all human scent coming in contact with your environment.  

Elimiscent Glove System

The first step to becoming virtually invisible, scent wise that is, is to prepare your Elimiscent and Elimitrax products.  It is recommended to wash both products in Sport-Wash scent eliminating soap (samples are included) to ensure the product is void of any odors that may have come in contact with the product during shipment.  Once clean, I hung them either outside or in a scent free area to air dry.  When dry, I immediately transferred them to the Elimiscent carrying case which keeps Elimitrax scent free, I am now ready for my hunt.

Once I arrive at my hunting location I dress in my hunting attire and then remove the Elimitrax and Elimiscent gloves.   The Elimiscent gloves slip on quickly and are secured with an elastic band just above my elbows.  The Elimitrax Over-Boots slip over your hunting boots and pants then easily fasten to your belt or pant loops with an elastic cord and compression style clip fasteners.  Once fastened the uppers are adjusted just above and below my knees with a nylon strap and pull tab/snap system.  The soles are then tightened in place with two similar fasteners.

I suggest practicing several times with the system to familiarize yourself before going afield.  The practice will make it easier in the predawn darkness!  I will admit I was a little skeptical and only put them on once before that initial washing.  The reason for my skepticism was I feared they would be too bulky and cause unwanted noise.  This skepticism quickly vanished as the pull straps on the stockings and the sandals were very secure.  They removed any bagginess in the oversized uppers and held the soles firmly in place.  The soles tread has a very aggressive pattern and eliminates any slippage on virtually any surface.

Without Elimitrax you lay down buck spooking scent every move you make scouting, setting cameras, decoys, treestands.

The system works extremely well and has proven itself several times within the first month and a half of the 2006 Ohio archery season.  I have had many P&Y bucks as well as mature does within bow range that have crossed my trail without the slightest hesitation.  The product will continue to accompany me the rest of the season in my quest for one of two mature bucks that are in the 160" plus range.   

What I like best is that the system has proven itself and is very compact.  The entire system easily fits along with my hunting clothes in a compact roll down marine bag.  This ensures that no scent will contaminate it on my way to and from my hunting areas.  The Elimitrax system has you covered from the upper thigh down and this is where most contact occurs when traveling to and from your hunting locations.  The Elimiscent gloves also eliminate any scent contamination when pushing aside weeds or branches that you may come into contact with.  The gloves also prevent any human scent from being deposited on your decoy setups as well as mock scrapes.  

I would like to add that independent tests concluded that the Elimitrax and Elimiscent systems really do work. In one test two award winning bloodhounds were used to track a test subject wearing Elimitrax which they could not do however, these same bloodhounds had no problem following the same subjects wearing several other models of hunting boots. That's impressive as are the scientific tests proving the effectiveness of the Elimiscent material. I recommend this total elimination system to anyone who takes their hunting seriously!

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