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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
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Kwikee Kwiver Combo
By Dave Conrad
Nov 6, 2005, 06:15

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Dave Conrad

Kwikee Kwiver Combo, by Dave Conrad

Kwikee Combo

Kwikee Kwiver has set the standard for quivers and is looked upon as the leader in the industry for design and functionality.  It has been the quiver of choice for me longer than I can remember.  My first, which you never forget, was a slip on model that snuggled over the limbs of my Bear recurve.  Over the years I may have tried others but I always come back to the best.

Last years memories of opening day still are crystal clear in my mind.  I slipped into my tree stand 45 minutes before shooting light and vividly remember plucking an arrow quietly from the Kwikee Combo.  And I mean quietly as I sensed I had deer within 50 yards of me.  At that time I looked through my binoculars I didn't know that the dark form in front of me was one of the biggest whitetails I had ever laid eyes on.  An hour later I was reaching toward the quiver, trembling with excitement, as I easily removed a second arrow.  A second arrow I wouldn’t need as the monster lay not more than 150 yards from me.

The Kwikee Kwiver Combo model is still the quiver of choice for me.  I especially like the secure hold from the dual set of soft double grippers spaced evenly along the shaft.  The grippers allow for a multitude of arrow sizes from the skinniest carbons to the fattest aluminums.  For smaller arrows just push the shaft into the more recessed and smaller set of grippers.  The grippers are made with a pliable rubber material, called Artic-2, which remains pliable as the temperatures reach zero.  Combined with the double row of multiple point slots in the shielded hood I can easily switch between fixed blades, mechanicals and field points.  The placement of arrow holders within the dual grippers are offset in order to keep the arrows slightly fanned out.  This helps in preventing unwanted noise from the shafts or fletching rubbing together.  You should also have no problem holding any size broadhead within the hood.  There is ample room between each arrow to hold the widest of fixed blade broadheads.
Fanned Arrows

Ample Tip Shield

Other features include the popular ULTRA-LOCK mounting system.  This system insures an absolute quiet quiver attachment for your bow.  It utilizes a metal clip and a secondary screw down knob, which tightens in a half turn, to prevent any noise.  This system is so simple yet effective you can remove your quiver with one hand. I love the easy off feature as I commonly remove my quiver when on stand.  It is no problem having my quiver within arms reach.  This is because I utilize the optional bracket kaddy.  This ingenious accessory allows you to mount your quiver to the tree using the ultra-lock system with just a few turns of an integrated case hardened screw.

The Kwikee Kwiver comes in eight popular camouflaged pattern plus black so you should have no problem matching your bows pattern.

Kwikee Kwiver has four other models to fit your archery needs.  This includes the original which is ideal for a recurve and fastens quickly and firmly with the installed spring steel clamps.  If a small quiver is more of your liken then the Kwik-3 is for you.  This quiver is so compact it folds to fit in your pocket.  The Kompound is the most popular quiver within the Kwikee line.  It holds six arrows and each broadhead holder in the hood are compartmented with the Artic 2 material.  This means no noise upon arrow removal.  The final member of the Kwikee line is the Lite 4.  This model duplicates the features of the six arrow Kompound but in a smaller 4 arrow version. Finally all quivers are made with the best materials including polycarbonate for the frame and shield hood and meticulously assembled, which is why they carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Besides Kwikee Kwiver being my favorite quiver, it has also won the accolades of many archers.  The company has won the Readers Choice Awards from Bow Hunting magazine for the past 11 years.  It has also claimed the Dealers Choice award eight out of the last eleven as well as Inside Archery Best Buy four out of the last five years.  Who can argue with success?

 Design 4.5 of 5
The Combo is the best designed quiver on the market, especially for mechanical users.  The dual grippers securely hold any sized arrow whether aluminum or carbon.  The easy on/off Ultra-Lock system is designed for the ultimate in quiet.  The entire line of quivers are feather light and strong built.

Price 5 of 5
For the features the Kwikee Kwiver is without a doubt the best value on the market.  Most models can be found in leading sporting goods stores or archery shops for less than 30 bucks.

 Dependability 4.5 of 5
Should take years of abuse and come out strong.  The Artic-2 arrow holders stand up to the rigors of the Midwest weather and keep coming back next season for more. The Lifetime Warranty shows it's dependibility.

For the whole line: Kwikee Kwiver


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