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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
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Conrad Checks Gloves
By Dave Conrad
Oct 23, 2005, 10:47

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Dave Conrad

Sunset Creek Deerskin Gloves
 by Dave Conrad

As hunters I know we put a lot in to the preparation of the hunt.  We prepare ourselves by making sure our equipment is in tune, stands are placed, right down to the type of boots we wear.  After a successful hunt, I prepare the deer for processing as well as the cape for a mount.  But after that I seldom think about what happens to the remainder of the hide after the harvest. I usually donate that to the processor who gets a couple bucks out of it.  I truly enjoy the taxidermist mount as well as the venison I get back from the processor.  I savor a great venison meal while reminiscing about the hunts from the mounts adorning the wall.  But the other day I received several pairs of gloves from  Sunset Creek Deerskin and never thought what products can be derived from the remaining hide.  Most times as stated I only worry about the cape that will be used in the mount.

Sunset Creek offers a variety of gloves in order to fit the variety of hunters in the woods today.  One thing that can be said for all the gloves that I had the opportunity of evaluating; the texture of the leather was of the most supple that I have ever felt.  The softness and the feel are of first class.  There is also nothing like the smell of top grain leather, no offensive smells to contend with. 

Deer Path Camo Hunting Glove w/Adjustable Strap-Lined

The first pair I slipped on was the uniform short wrist gloves.  This model comes unlined and as I slipped them on I immediately sensed the comfort of the fit.  The gloves fit snug but were magical as they seemed to wrap and mold to the contours of my hand.  The deerskin has a slight stretch which allows you to pick up the smallest of items.  I decide to see how much feel I could possibly get from this glove and I am actually typing this paragraph while wearing them.  An elastic wrist coupled with triple stitching across the back of the hand accentuates the comfortable fit.  The short wrist gloves derive their name from the design of the glove ending at the base of the hand/wrist.

The Deer Path Camo Hunting Glove w/Adjustable Strap-Lined is designed for the hunter with warmth in mind.  This glove features Dupont Thermolite Active Insulation for those cold weather hunts.  The addition of a heat pack pouch will aid to sustain you on those coldest of winter mornings.  This model features double layers of leather in the palm and thumb area for a sure grip through the layer of insulation.  The adjustable strap with Velcro closure inhibits the cold weather or snow from penetrating to your hand.  This water resistant model is available in Tree Moss, Blaze Orange Trail, Snowstorm or Dry Grass.

Tree Moss, Blaze Orange Trail, Snowstorm or Dry Grass

The Deer Path Camo Slip is a 40 gram Thinsulate Lined on Hunting Glove.  The cuff is longer than normal for this glove and extends three inches past the wrist.  The extra length makes it nice in order to cover up the cuff of a hunting jacket.  The nice feature about the stitched backhand is when combined with the lining the glove is very easy to get off and on while keeping that snug feeling.  The supple deer hide will not get stiff as the temperature drops.  Like most models it is water resistant and available in Tree Moss, Blaze Orange Trail, Snowstorm or Dry Grass.

the Deer Path Camo One Finger Shooter Mitt.

If cold weather gun hunting is more to your style you might want to try the Deer Path Camo One Finger Shooter Mitt.  This model is lined with Thermolite micro insulation which adds warmth with not a lot of bulk.  The mitt features an ultra sensitive trigger finger for the crisp touch you need when pulling the trigger.  The mitt also features a double layer of deer leather across the palm and thumb to insure years of use.  An extended cuff with elastic stitching is added insurance to keep the cold from reaching your underlying wrist and jacket cuff.  This water resistant model is available in the full line of camo colors including Tree Moss, Blaze Orange Trail, Snowstorm or Dry Grass.

Deer Path Camo Glove Mitt

Last but not least is a favorite type of mitten that also doubles as an open ended glove.  The Deer Path Camo Glove Mitt features a flip top with a fully knitted poly-cotton wrist as well as elastic stitching.  This guarantees a snug fit to keep out the cold.  When using as an open face glove the mitten top is secured to the back of the hand by Velcro. The glove can easily be closed by simply pulling the top from the Velcro and over your fingers.  This glove is great for those who love the feel of the trigger on a bare finger.

No matter what glove you choose you can not go wrong.  With a style glove to fit any hunter you will really appreciate the fit and feel.  The soft supple deer leather enables you to grip your weapon of choice and be ready for that shot.  Every glove features uniform stitching.  On models with double leather features all seams are double stitched for added strength as well as cross stitching.  Innovative features such as heat pack pouches and space age insulation will keep hands and fingers toasty warm in the nastiest of weather.

A variety of camo patterns are appealing to the eyes even for non-hunters.  Even if you are not a hunter you can enjoy the great line of products from Sunset Creek Deerskin featuring similar gloves in tan and black.  Deer leather jackets are available in a variety of colors to meet your taste.  You can even send in your own hide to be made into something you will treasure for years to come. 

In conclusion the quality of each and every glove that I received for review exceeded my expectations for fit and feel.  I look forward with anticipation to be able to wear a pair of Sunset Creek gloves in early January during the Ohio Muzzleloader season.  

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