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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Field Evaluation - Bear 'TRUTH' Bow
By Dave Conrad
Dec 6, 2006, 11:15

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Dave Conrad

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Mention the name Primos in the hunting society and everyone immediately thinks of founder Will Primos and his down to earth hunting companions, fair chase videos and a company whose calls make wildlife sounds come to life.  Mention Bear Archery and decades of experience as well as a founding company of the industry itself is what comes to mind.

Bear Archery's Product Marketing Manager Scot Alread introducing the TRUTH bow at the October Whitetail University Writers Camp.

What do you get when these two industry giants come together to form a bow?  A bow with the characteristics which are truly appreciated by the outdoorsman called "The Truth".  This bow captures many of the features needed for a great all around bow and rivals many costing hundreds more.

First Impressions

As I pulled the bow from the box I was immediately drawn to the distinct color scheme.  The radiant forest green eccentrics, idler wheel and limb pockets set the background against a vibrant orange and green string.  Not something you would expect to see on a bow, but remember this bow represents a company whose calls are readily recognized by their package color.  This color scheme is even prevalent in the Bear Logo found just above the shelf further representing the commitment made by these two companies. The Truth is a very appealing bow thanks to the smooth lines and curves found throughout. 

Handling the bow you will feel a fairly narrow grip.  It is pretty much straight forward with only two narrow wooden side pieces.  On both sides of the riser these pieces end about three quarters of an inch below the shelf.  This design allows enough space for your thumb and forefinger to comfortable rest and grip the bow.  A basic design yet functional. 

My initial draw revealed a bow that comes up to poundage quickly and stays prominent yet smooth throughout the draw cycle.  This is the result made possible from a new elliptical perimeter weighted cam design.  Near the end of the draw cycle the cam breaks over quickly resulting in a short valley.  Although the valley is short it is complimented nicely by the 80 percent letoff and rock solid back wall.  The solid wall is the result of close to ¾ inch of draw module coming to rest squarely against the opposing yolk cable.  No spongy or mushy back wall is one of many features archers will appreciate in The Truth.  The inner workings of the idler wheel and new cam are further enhanced with sealed ball bearings. Finally the draw cycle is further enhanced by a straight carbon rod and Teflon slide.  The Teflon further ensures a smooth draw when traveling along the carbon rod.

The Truth's riser and limb pockets are machined out of the latest T-6061 aircraft aluminum.  The overall 26" reflex riser design is accompanied by 7" of brace height which clearly adds to the bow's smooth shooting ability.  The bows overall appearance is complimented greatly via geometric cutouts within the riser, which is camouflaged in the new Mossy Oak design.  At 33 inches from axle to axle the bow is very maneuverable and will suit any hunter who prefers ground blinds or elevated treestands.  The riser's shelf also incorporates an upward curved lip, a great aid for today's very popular drop away rests.  The 4.2 pounds of weight barely eclipses the comfortable mark of 4 pounds and under that I like to see in a compact hunting bow. 

The limbs are Bear's exclusive compression molded and patented technology design.  At full draw the beyond parallel design will produce a quiet and shock free release.  The energy stored in the quad limbs will propel an IBO specified arrow at 314 feet per second.  Any energy left over will be quickly dissipated thanks to Sims Vibration Dampening devices strategically place throughout The Truth.  Matter of fact there are eight different areas; four within the riser, two on the limbs as well as two string leeches

String stretch and maintenance are never a worry thanks to the Tech Twist Green & Orange BCY 8125/452X material.


The Truth bow that I received came originally came with a draw length of 28 inches which is an inch too short for me.  One email and within a few days I was replacing the draw module that corrected the draw to 29".  The modules do not require a press and required three Allen screws be removed.  Two came out easily but the third did require a slight pull on the string in order to clear the limb.  No biggie and within a few short minutes I was comfortable pulling back the 70 pound model.  It is worth noting that with the correct draw module The Truth can be set from 23 to 30 inches.

I first chose to see what kind of speed that I could attain from the Truth.  The poundage was adjusted and measured 70 lbs at 29 inches.  My arrow of choice is an Easton ACC 3-60 arrow at 28.75" and weighed in at 408 grains.  The first of three arrows registered 278 fps, the second 276 and the third 278.  These speeds were achieved with a brass nock and two Limb Saver String Leeches.  These are very respectable speeds when considering the draw is an inch less and the arrow weight is 58 grains over the standard measure of IBO.  The Truth is rated at 314 fps IBO.  Accuracy and groupings were more than adequate as I dared not shoot two arrows at the same spot.  Well alright I will admit that I did damage, okay destroy, one arrow which is truly an example of the accuracy from this bow.  Once tuned, The Truth had no problem consistently placing shots within the kill zone.

The dampening system combined with the bows parallel limb design made the bow a pleasure to shoot.  The noise level of the bow was one of the quietest of many of the bows I tested this past year.  I was shooting the bow in my 20 yard basement range which usually magnifies any sound level but this was not the case with The Truth.  I was really taken back by the performance of this bow.  I thought the very short valley would cause the bow to jump upon release but this was clearly not the case.  I commend Primos and Bear to have designed a bow that truely speaks the language of The Truth!

Scot Alread demonstrating the TRUTH bow.


Design 9 of 10
The new design with the parallel limb design combined with the Elliptical Weighted Cam has brought Bear to the modern day of bow design.  I commend them for utilizing their latest patented compression molded limbs, eccentrics and riser to introduce a short axle to axle bow perfect for treestand hunting.   The short valley and greater than four pound design is the only shortcomings I can find in this bow.

Quality 9.5 of 10
Over the past year this is one factor that has risen to the top of the Bear Archery Line.  Fit and tolerances are as well within tolerances.  This bow shows quality throughout from the Mossy Oak dipped camouflage to the precision design of the essentrics and idler wheel.  The color scheme with the forest green makes for a very attractive package.

Pricing 10 of 10
This is a home run as this bow has characteristics and features of bows costing hundreds of dollars more.  I for one am glad to see a bow manufacturer who builds a bow which beyond doubt offers a quality package at an affordable price.\


Draw Length              23"-30"
Axle-to-Axle               33"
Draw Weight             60-70#
Let-Off                       80%
Mass Weight             4.2 lbs
Brace Height             7"
Cable Guard             Straight carbon rod with Teflon® slide
Limbs                       Compression molded quad
Riser                        Machined aluminum
Cam                         Elliptical, perimeter-weighted single cam
String                       TechTwist® Green & Orange BCY 8125/452X
Grip                          Two piece wood
Camo                       New Mossy Oak® Break-up
Dampening:             Sims® dampening and leeches factory installed
Bow Speed               IBO fps 314


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