Dave Conrad
Field Evaluation - DeadZone 30
By Dave Conrad - Senior Field Evaluator
Oct 21, 2009 - 5:44:45 AM


"Run Silent, Run Deep" is a phrase that can be synonymous with submarines, "Launch Silent, Penetrate Deep" is a new phrase that can be linked to Limbsaver Archery Equipment.  I recently had the pleasure of evaluating the new Limbsaver DeadZone DZ-30.  This exceptional short and light weight version of the successful DZ-32 fills the niche of the archer who want a very maneuverable bow and lightweight bow yet fast and forgiving.

One feature that hits you straight out of the box is the quietness of this bow.  Compared to other short axle to axle bows, the DZ-30 has moved to the head of the class.  What makes this bow so silent and forgiving are the features and technology blended into it.  Start off with a straight riser design that when combined with beyond parallel limbs results in forgiveness and smooth cycle.

The CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum riser utilizes the straight design in order to give the archer an extra long sight window.  Many short axle to axle bows have a tendency to shorten the sight window in order to increase strength.  Not so with the DZ-30, my 29" draw did not limit the view of the new Limbsaver Prism-Lite 5 pin sight.

Moving to the outer edges of the riser, the full capture pivoting limb pocket securely cradles each limb.  Just like the riser the machined 6061 T6 aluminum pocket isolates the limbs in a secure no-contact pivoting system.  This system alleviates unwanted vibration and noise.  The extended pocket cradles the limb, extending the fulcrum distance to relieve undo stress and insure the limb's true efficiency.

The solid and straight matched limbs, measure in at 12.25 inches, and are comprised of a Fiberglass/Graphite composite.  This gives the limb strength and flexibility and when combined with the modular hybrid HEAT (High-Efficiency Active Transfer) cam maximizes efficiency and propels arrows at a blistering 325 fps IBO.  The weight matched Cam System utilizes an adjustable modular design allowing the archer an enhanced range of draw lengths from 25 to 30" in half in increments.  The Cam system also utilizes dual draw stops for a very solid and dependable back wall with minimal valley.  Axles pivot on a sealed and lubricated ball bearing system for lifelong durability.

Limbsaver has partnered with Winners Choice Strings for the strings and cables.  The 8125, 20 strand strings incorporate the WeatherLock Technology.  This technolgy is a string treatment which replaces wax or conditioners.  The makeup bonds and penetrates throughout the string to prevent moisture and extend string life.

Limbsaver is well known for it's industry leading and highly effective NAVCOM material.  The Noise and Vibration Control Material effectively absorbs vibration and is used exclusively throughout the DZ-30.  Strategically placed NAVCOM is utilized for the string leeches, cable leeches, Ultra Quad Limbsavers and cable guard dampener.  With the popularity of fall away rests, you will also find the material built into the riser shelf as a rest pad for the launcher arm.  An extra added touch as well is an arrow impact strip which can be found at the front of the riser shelf and sight window.  This alleviates andy unnecessary noise that may happen if an arrow comes in contact with the shelf or riser area. These two NAVCOM features, although small are well thought out and industry first design.

The mass weight of the bow comes in at 3.96 pounds.  This is just under the magical 4 pound range which I believe is adequate for a bare bow.  Although for a 30 inch axle to axle bow it is higher than most other bows for its size.  I believe this to be attributed to the amount of aluminum used in the extended limb pockets.

Smooth, fast, quiet, just like a DeadZone should be.

Testing was accomplished at my indoor 20 yard range which also includes a PACT chronograph.    The bow measured 29" and came in at 70.2 lbs.  The bow was outfitted with a LimbSave Fall-Away arrow rest and Prism-Lite sight.  Arrows used were 28.25" Easton ACC 3-60 with 100 grain field points and total weight of 410 grains.  Speed through the Chronograph averaged just over 282 fps.  The bow on the 20 yard range was effective with group sizes averaging around 1 inch with most arrows touching.  Noise levels from the bow were minimal and was expected coming from an industry leader in that department.

The draw cycle for the bow comes up hard and fast while being maintained throughout the draw before dropping off at the draw stop.  This action can account for the higher IBO speeds when compared to other similarly sized bows.  The DZ-30 Eccentric System Let-Off is comfortable held and rated at 80%.

Fit and finish were exceptional and I paid close attention to the extended limb pockets.  I was intrigued with the design as they encapsulate not only the limb tip but the riser ends as well.  The design also allow for easy work on the bow and requires no bow press.

The DZ-30 only comes in Next Generation's G-1 camo pattern.  All parts were dipped except for the HEAT cams.  I would like to see more options and my opinion is this bow would look great dipped in Predator Camouflage.  

The bow comes standard with Laminated Hardwood Grips which I find to be of standard sized for the industry.  Limbsaver also included a set of NAVCOM panels, which make for a narrower grip and more towards my liking.

The DZ-30 in my opinion is optimized for an archer requiring maneuverability and an extremely quiet.  The speed is above average for a bow of this size and should fit anyone's needs wanting a bow of this caliber.  This bow retails for 699.99 which is about 50 dollars lower than other bows in this class.  If you add in the technology advances you can not go wrong purchasing this bow for the upcoming season.

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