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Field Evaluation - Grim Reaper RazorCut SS
By Dave Conrad - Sr Field Evaluator
Aug 2, 2010 - 1:07:57 PM

I have been a big fan of Grim Reaper Broadheads for a number of years.  In the past I have used their mechanicals and fixed blade broadheads to harvest a variety of game, including my largest whitetail to date.  The 194 plus inch bruiser fell to a Grim Reaper Razortip mechanical broadhead on opening morning of the Ohio archery season several years ago.  And speaking of a fixed head, the Hades is extremely accurate as well and you can see from this Turkey video taken last spring.  Conrad Turkey

For 2010 Grim Reaper has based an improved design on an already proven and successful broadhead.  New for the fall of 2010 is the Whitetail Special Razorcut SS.  The improved solid stainless steel head is available in 100 grain and cuts an incredible  2 inch wound channel.  The 2 inch cut is measured in the full expanded position and is not based on its widest point when opening, which just happens to be 2 1/4".   Grim Reaper pulls no punches when it comes to the seriousness of their broadheads or the importance of the hunt.

I am really looking forward to using the broadhead this fall because the stainless steel head is especially designed for higher kinetic energy bows.  The Razorcut SS is perfect for the bow that I will be using this fall, a Bowtech Destroyer 350 setup with a 29" draw and 70 lb. draw weight which equates to over 90 lbs. of kinetic energy.  

The Razorcut SS features a 5/16" double sided razor tip which is designed to aid in penetration. This is accomplished by creating an initial wound channel that alleviates friction for the main blades.  The strength and design of the stainless steel tip enables bone shattering penetration for those quartering away off shoulder hits.  

As mentioned earlier the Razorcut provides a 2 inch cut between any of the three bladed broadhead.  This design means much higher tissue damage and blood loss, up to 33 percent more, when compared to current two blade designs.  Larger wound channels translates into quicker kills and can also mean the difference between a wounded animal or backstaps on the table.

The 5/8" setback  between the front of tip and the blade means no deflection on angled shots which translates into no more let downs because of an inferior design.  The spring design of the Razorcut as well as all Grim Reaper broadheads mean each and every blade rides on a miniature shock absorbing system.  This system also insures that a minimum of one pound of pressure is all it takes to open each blade.  No relying on rubber bands or O-rings.  Blades requiring these type of closure aids tend to break down and get brittle over time.  And who wants to be buying or even searching for tiny replacement O-rings in the middle of your hunt. The spring loaded shock absorbing system also eliminates deflection and kick out even on angled shots from Treestands by allowing the blades to move back as they open.

The blades on the new Razorcut SS are .035 thick and are made of a premium grade ultra sharp 440 stainless with edge exceptional holding Blades are replaceable and come in a kit which includes nine blades with the necessary accessories (rings, springs, cups) for field replacement.


My testing procedure were fairly straight forward and simple.  Arrows were shot into an American Whitetail Broadhead target at a range of twenty yards.  The square target was shot  with the face straight on for accuracy as well as at various angles for deflection testing.

As far as accuracy goes, the heads proved to be "field point" accurate with all shots grouping within a 2" circle at 20 yards.  The broadhead target did provide great evidence which showed that the blades did deploy.  When removed from the target the blades as well as the ferule showed no form of damage what so ever.  My testing showed the Grim Reaper broadhead penetrated deep within the multiple layers of the target, giving further evidence of sharp blades and a lethal design.

The packaging for the Razorcut SS was laid out with the Grim Reaper character highlighted in red utilizing the broadhead as a spear.  Yellow lettering highlighted the Whitetail Special name as well as the 2 inch cut.  The broadheads came fully assembled within a hard plastic case which is glued to the cardboard back in a plastic jacket.  Black shrink wrap is utilized over the threads of the broadhead ferule to insure that they stay assembled.  A practice head is also included.  The practice head's blades are secured within the ferule and the two blade tip is replaced with a pointed head.  Both the practice head and the Razorcut SS accuracy were identical when tested out to 20 yards.

In conclusion I am excited to have the new Grim Reaper Razorcut SS in my quiver.  I look forward to using them when I head out of state for an early season whitetail hunt with Tom Indrebo of Bluff Country Outfitters in Wisconsin.  If successful you will be able to view the hunt on's exciting Bow Tube video section.

DESIGN:  9 out of 10

The spring and collar design requires no o-rings or rubber bands.  No deflections from the many angles used when testing reaffirms Grim Reapers claims.  The blades were very sharp and the new and improved stainless head design signifies the maturity of engineering in this broadhead.

VALUE:  9 out of 10

The ferule on the new Razorcut should withstand many hunts thanks to the replaceable blade design.  With a retail of 38.99 the Razorcut is priced right for a vital and important piece of bowhunting equipment.

QUALITY:  10 of 10

All components are engineered with tight tolerances.  When assembled there is no movement or noise.   All components came through my standard testing with no damage.  Backed by a 100 percent made in the USA, meaning all products are manufactured and assembled in the USA.  All components are Teflon Coated to ensure protection from the elements.

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