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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Field Evaluation - Jim Fletcher 'Insider' Release Aid
By Dave Conrad - Senior Fielld Evaluator
Apr 24, 2010 - 1:44:55 PM

Jim Fletcher, one of the oldest names in the archery industry, is celebrating 50 years of delivering quality products this year.  Jim Fletcher Archery products carry a lifetime warranty, so that means in another fifty any product purchased within the last one hundred will still be covered.  I have had the pleasure of evaluating some great products in the past and that is no different as I just finished up testing the new Insider Release. (For more go to: Jim Fletcher Archery)

The Insider is an over center linkage system which defines smoothness as the trigger and hook are in line.  This translates into no off center canters during the draw cycle or anchor.  The quality engineered trigger is of precision construction with no travel.  The well thought out design will satisfy any archers trigger feel from very light to a heavy pull.  What I like about the head and trigger design is the frame is always positioned into the corner of my mouth.  This insures a consistent anchor point thereby contributing to accuracy.

The Insider also has a trigger forward loop only design which results in increased draw length when compared to competitive models.  Upon release the trigger automatically resets itself.  No more worrying about reengaging or locking the hook before placing on the loop.  If you do need a followup shot precious time will not be wasted fumbling to reset the release.

The Designers at Jim Fletcher allows the shooter two different strap offerings on the Insider.  The ever tough deluxe leather buckle translates into years of service in the field whereas the deluxe nylon and velcro closure model means more incremental adjustments for a perfect fit and feel.  With either model adjustments can be made by lengthening or shortening the nylon wound strap at the base of the Insider that feeds back through the wrist strap.

Testing of the release was done on a bow which measured 70 lbs of draw weight and 29" length.  The loop only release is open ended so attaching is clean and quick.  The Insider is immediately ready as it resets after each shot.  The loop hook is on the same side of the housing as the trigger so the feel is consistent causing no cantering on either axis.  Hooks on the opposite side can cause an out of balance feeling and an inconsistent trigger pull, especially heavier pulling releases.

I like a release with a pull weight a little on the medium light side for hunting.  Too light and the release may go off while tracking an animal waiting for the shot and too heavy may cause a pull of the arrow.  Five shot arrow groups were tested and from the results of the first series I knew the Insider was a winner.  The twenty yard groups were consistently touching and quite frankly ruined a couple nocks and fletching.  The Insider received high marks across the board in all evaluation ratings, putting it in the elite class for releases.

Quality 5 of 5 - The design revealed excellent quality throughout.  A bronze anodized finish should give years of protection and wear.  The choice of leather or nylon should fit any archers taste.

Design 5 of 5 - From the smooth trigger pull to the automatic reset after each shot, Jim Fletcher has added another quality release to their product line.  The trigger is the correct shape and length to suit any size shooter.  The trigger forward design doesn't rob critical length when many of today's shooters look for getting the most speed out of their bows as possible.  Faster speeds can mean less misses in the field when guessing longer distances.

So if you are in need of a new release or thinking of switching, check out the Insider or any of the many choices Jim Fletcher Archery has to offer.

New Product

New from the Fletcher Release experts is the Insider Release.  This loop only release resets after the shot and features a roller system for the ultimate in smooth performance with no trigger travel.  The forward trigger helps gain back lost draw length when using the loop.  The hook is specifically designed to release the loop cleanly resulting in a consistent, smooth shot every time.  The trigger is infinitely adjustable from heavy to hair trigger and the hook is easily attached to the loop.

The Insider is available with a deluxe leather buckle strap or a deluxe nylon strap with velcro closure and is anodized bronze.  Lifetime warranty.

Suggested retail price is $75

For more go to: Jim Fletcher Archery


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