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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Field Evaluation - MOR Target System
By Dave Conrad - Senior Field Evaluator
Mar 14, 2010 - 10:43:14 AM

Practice makes perfect.  And that is now truer than when practicing with archery equipment.  We owe it to the animal we are pursuing to be able to place the most humanely shot possible.  But we all know that practicing can become a little dull if you don't mix things up a little.  Changing targets or inventing archery games is always a challenge, especially for young children.  Well the people at MOR were definitely thinking out of the box when they designed the MOR Non-Penetrating Archery Target System. (For more go to: MOR Target Systems)

What does that mean by thinking out of the box?  Just for starters it means no more straining to pull arrows or concerns with young ones around hazardous pointed field points and broadheads.  And to think all of this combined in a very portable as well as lightweight target system.  

Safety is the number one issue with the MOR target system.  This means that it is very safe for school outings, scouting events, church organization or any other functioning club that combines children and fun.

MOR Non-Penetrating Archery Target System.

The concept behind the MOR Target System is replacing the standard field point with a felt tipped point that contains no sharp edges.  You simply remove your field point and press the 100 grain felt tip onto your arrow. 

The tight compression of the rubber sleeve translates into fun on any size shaft without worrying about the tip separating or coming off the arrow.  I used the felt tips on my son's small diameter Carbon Express's Thunder Express arrows as well as my Easton ACC 360 hunting arrows with no problems.  Even switching back and forth between the two different diameters caused no issues.

The felt point can easily be dipped in one of four powdered chalk colors that are supplied with the target system.  When the arrow comes in contact with the target it leaves behind the chalk residue circle mark of the felt tip.  After contact the arrow falls harmlessly to the ground.  The well thought out design of the target system results in no violent bounce backs or ricochets.  Retrieval is easy as the arrow is simply picked up from the ground.  Quite a difference when compared to the effort usually needed when compared to pulling arrows out of high density foam targets.  You also do not have to worry about damage from robin hoods, fletching tears or damaged nocks.

The MOR Target System is designed of a very durable vinyl material and able to withstand any bow or crossbow on the market today.  So at the recommend shooting distances bows of all speed ranges and kinetic energy levels can be used without damage to the target or equipment.  Those recommended ranges are as close as 7 yards for kids and lower poundage bows and 20 yards minimum for higher poundage bows including today's high speed crossbows.  Factory testing of the MOR targets have absorbed over 4000 shots with no issues or damage and are ready for thousands more. The vinyl material may show an imprint from a non chalked tip out of a high speed bow but after a while the material responds by returning to its original shape. This is one piece of archery equipment that will provide years of shooting.

The frame of the MOR Target System is constructed of a durable PVC pipe material.  It goes together quickly and easily thanks to the simple instructions and well laid out diagram.    I like the visual aspect as it makes it much easier for kids to assemble and my 10 year old had no problems in helping me.  The PVC material is also lightweight and makes the target easily portable even when fully assembled.  The durability should enable the frame to be taken apart and put back together with no worries of warping, cracking or breaking.  If it ever should break however, it can be easily rebuilt with a trip to you local hardware store.

Both sides of the target can be utilized.  One side is designed for game activity with nine squares arranged in a 3 X 3 pattern for playing tic tac toe.  The opposite side is for the hunter with the outline and vitals of a whitetail buck.  You can change back and forth between the target faces in as little as 30 seconds.  I understand too that the good folks at MOR Targets will be offering new designs to offer even more variety.

The colored chalk which includes red, green, yellow and blue is highly visible against the white or darker colors of the target.  It easily wipes off with a damp sponge or cloth and causes minimal mess.  I say that only because of the combination of young kids and chalk.  The chalk is machine washable with no ill effects to clothing, as tested!

I would like to add that the entire MOR Target System fits nicely into the compact carrying case that comes with the system.  The inside of the case has two Velcro┬« enclosed pouches that allow for storage of the chalk canisters as well as the 12 one hundred grain felt tips. The handle of the case is padded as well for extra gripping comfort.

In conclusion the MOR Target System truly offers a difference when it comes to not only practicing but especially family fun.  It will definitely help keep the little ones attention longer and not only enhance but encourage their interest as well in the sport of archery while keeping them safe.

For more go to: MOR Target Systems

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