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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Double Bull Adds New Camo
By Scales Advertising
Jul 19, 2006, 08:01

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Earlier this year, Double Bull Archery announced their decision to discontinue their Deception Brown and Deception Green camo patterns in favor of their new design … simply called Deception All Purpose.

The new pattern takes the greens and browns found in the previous two offerings and combines them into one, making it ideal for all types of hunting environments.  Deception All Purpose still utilizes the bare branches pattern found in the Deception camouflage, but, also adds varying shades of greens and browns that are typically found in nature. Deception All Purpose is offered in all three blinds - the Matrix 360°™, T5™ and T2™.

Double Bull Archery is an innovator in the archery blind industry and this is demonstrated by the success of their most popular model, the Matrix 360°™.  The blind features the Surround Sight™ Technology system giving the hunter a full 360° field of vision from anywhere inside the blind.  The Silent Slide™ window adjustment system also offers shoot-through netting that will allow nearly any broadhead a safe exit. Other features of the Matrix 360° include four shooting ports, 67" center height, generous 6-foot plus shooting diameter, patented adjustable rotating hub framework, durable fiberglass framework, a black interior lining and all of this is packed into a blind that sets up in just seven seconds!

Popular Matrix Blind with Surround Sight™ in new Deception All Purpose Camo

Double Bull Archery was co-founded by Keith Beam and Brooks Johnson just ten years ago. "The development of these blinds really evolved from a growing frustration with other products on the market" said Keith Beam. "All the products we had been using were flimsy and flapped in the wind, or were too heavy and cumbersome to carry and set up."  

"From frame and fabric selection, we set out to develop features which would allow for adjustments in all types of weather" stated Brooks Johnson. "Next came patented framework, hubs for added support and adjustability, Silent Slide window adjustment systems, easier set-up, and numerous other features across the board.  We spend a lot of our time hunting so we know what works and what doesn't - and these blinds take the work out of hunting!"  

For more information on Double Bull Archery and their complete line of products, phone toll free 1-888-464-0409 or visit them online at : Double Bull Archery


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