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FIELD EVAL: Double Bull Matrix Blind
By Tony Dukes
Mar 22, 2005, 09:56

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By Tony Dukes

Matrix Blind

With the emergence of Double Bull blinds on the archery market, there are now two kinds of turkey bowhunters. Those who kill turkey with ease and those who don't. An explanation with a bit more clarity, or translation if you will. Those who hunt out of a Double Bull and those who don't.
I grew up with turkey and have killed way over 50 by the time I switched to bowhunting in the early 80's. Until Double Bull I had only killed 4 with an arrow. Since Double Bull, I've arrowed very close to another 30, taking all of the big 4 and in many states. I never would've done that or had that much fun without a Double Bull. What a statement, eh?
I know how Henry Ford must have felt when he putted into town with the first Model A. When I have arrived at virgin ranches, particularly in my home state of Texas. Most ranch owners and guides, upon first encounter of a Double Bull, often said, "What kind of contraption is that." "Do you really think a critter will come close to it." Without fail, upon every departure they are on the phone to nearest dealer or the kind folks at Double Bull, trying to get a bunch of those contraptions.
Double Bull has to be credited to bringing the ever increasing, popularization spring turkey hunts. To the archer, this blind allows as close to success guarantee as you can get from any product. Double Bull blinds have increased our numbers, our fun, our success and our days in the field. This debt of regeneration of our endangered sport is indeed owed to Brooks Johnson and Keith Beam, founders of Double Bull, for their thinking outside the box or blind in this case. They are supported harmoniously by their professional, polite staff.
I am convinced you can call a love starved Tom into a Double Bull set up on an interstate highway if there was no traffic. They are big trouble for turkey any time of year. I think of how many times turkeys have spooked in the fall when trying to draw on them from treestands. I only took one turkey from a tree before the BULL. I was spotted before I drew on thousands of attempts to arrow the big bird. It got so futile, it wasn't fun and so I lost interest in turkey...........until Double Bull blinds.
Now take it a step further. The MATRIX. Is a quieter, 360 degree blind. You can draw and shoot anywhere, if you match yourself with the interior and do not leave any bright faces or colors to spook game. Un.......friggin.............beleivable.
On my first MATRIX outing I shot a deer, literally over my back. I turned around 180 degrees and got a lethal arrow into a handsome 9 point while Brooks filmed it all. Hours later, arrowed a big tom in the head. The blind had only been up for hours. Neither the shot nor the footage could have been taken in any other blind. Since I film all my hunts, there is no alliterative for me to hunt out of. Between the concealment of draw and filming and the fact I am still recovering from a nasty 20+ foot fall, that nearly cost me my life and mobility I suffered in Canada last year when a tree device failed, there in no option fro me. No body ever got paralyzed hunting from a Double Bull.
Nice buck from a Matrix

While field testing the MATRIX last fall, my pal and editor of BOWHUNTING.NET, Robert Hoague shot a PY blackbear, nearly minutes after the set up. The testimonials go on and on. 3 other bear were taken from the MATRIX that week.
FYI, in Texas and a lot of private land the chance of legal liabilities are causing land owners to prohibit treestands. Double Bull is the solution to many problems. Even more importantly, these revolutionary blinds allow the disabled, the elderly and the young to enjoy our sport. That alone is enough to claim victory and vow support for the people and products of Double Bull. Once again, the bowhunting industry owes Double Bull a big thanks and support.
OK, guess some of you want to know the specs on the blind. First off, they are no more burdensome than a full pack to carry. I learned this first hand while running and gunning in the Florida palmettos after Osceolas as well as while hunting Merriam on the S. Dakota prairie's with the infamous Dave Keiser. They weigh half of what your turkey that you will kill out of it will.
Oh yeah, specs. The MATRIX has a 5'X5' floor space, with a 6'4" shooting diameter. 5'8" of height combine with surround shooting and 4 silent "broken arrow" ports (I often use these for camera placement when filming myself) makes for a comfy little home in the woods, especially when it's raining while trying to endure a cold North wind. The walls and see through, shoot through camo mesh are infinitely adjustable with secure, quiet mechanisms. The MATRIX comes in brown or green Predator camo. Special order of camo are available for extra cost, but in my mind there is no better camo than Predator.
I carefully dole out my hard earned buck for my hunting gear, just like most of you. Because I love our sport I have few regrets, I write this I can look around my office and into one of my open hunting closets and I can honestly tell you this. I have never bought anything that assisted me in being a successful bowhunter than my Double Bull blind. How could it get any better? Try the MATRIX, there's your answer. I love mine.
When you add it up, the new found success, the ability to make our sport more accessible to all hunters, regardless of age or challenges, we now have more personalities to thank than Fred Bear or Howard Hill, We have the people at Double Bull to thank. Watch for their show on the Men's Channel every week. FYI, I am hosting a new show, Bowhunting with Trophy Quest Outdoors, starting in April on the Men's Channel and do most all my hunts out of a Double Bull. Why? Because they work and work safely and efficiently.

Matrix takes another gobbler

Contact them at or at ph. # 888 464 0409, for dealer or product info.

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