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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Book Review - Bowhunting Forests and Deep Woods
By Keith Dunlap
Jan 30, 2007, 00:44

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"Miller reveals his time-tested tactics and strategies for bowhunting bruiser whitetails in everything from large woodlots to sprawling wilderness areas …"

I know what you're thinking, another book about bowhunting with yet another perspective by yet another "expert" in the field.  I thought that too, until I read "Bowhunting Forests and Deep Woods" by Greg Miller.  I've seen Miller on several videos, North American Whitetail TV shows, and magazine articles.  I knew he had a good track record when it comes to successfully hunting big, mature whitetail bucks.  I did not realize that he has such a passion for bowhunting the big woods for big bucks however. 

Many bowhunters chasing whitetails will find agricultural areas that have wooded funnels to and from them, but Miller gives an in depth analysis of what it takes to successfully bowhunt mature bucks in the big woods.  He has nearly 40 years in the deer woods to draw upon in his latest book, and I was not disappointed with the content and educational value of "Bowhunting Forests and Deep Woods".

I live in rural Pennsylvania, so I understand the difficulty hunting whitetails in big woods, especially mature bucks.  It seems you can hunt for days before even seeing a descent buck in the Penn's Woods.  Because of this, I became interested in this book immediately upon reading the back cover of the book.  I was eager to learn more about this topic.

What are big woods?  Miller describes them as a minimum of 320 acres of uninterrupted forest.  That means no roads, no fields, etc.  He presents in detail his experiences and methods for tracking down and hunting the big boys in these large tracts of woodland.  From scouting to hunting to tracking to getting your deer out, Miller covers it all in this book.  He gives great examples throughout and keeps your interest by revealing his own personal experiences while explaining his methods.

Miller's extensive use of rub lines for scouting has proven effective over the years for harvesting mature whitetail bucks.  He provides the reader with his methods for scouting in the big woods and helps you to learn how to read the sign you find there.

Miller does a great job of providing enough information to the reader to enable the reader to put his methods into practice and be successful with enough persistence.  Greg Miller's experiences, if put into practice, will certainly boost your odds of success while bowhunting for mature bucks in deep woods.

One final comment about "Bowhunting Forests and Deep Woods" by Greg Miller…proceeds from this book are used to build archery ranges, provide archery and bowhunting education programs, support urban bowhunting opportunities, and increase overall bowhunting participation. 

The Bowhunting Preservation Alliance (BPA) is a nonprofit foundation created by the Archery Trade Association.  They make books like this possible, and use the proceeds to increase bowhunting opportunities.  This is vital to our sport and I am encouraged to see organizations such as the BPA working toward our cause.

"Bowhunting Forests and Deep Woods" is full of great information and good use of photos and captions throughout.  It is an easy read that provides its reader with enough information to start bowhunting for mature bucks in big forests and woodland.  I recommend this book to anyone interested in doing so.  It is definitely a book I'll keep in my library of hunting materials!


1.    The Forest and Deep-Woods Challenge
2.    Defining Deep Woods
3.    Are You Mentally Prepared?
4.    Breaking it Down
5.    The Curse of Quick Success
6.    Terrain and Cover: Keys to Success
7.    Of Clearcuts, Burns, & Windstorm Damage
8.    Is Deeper Really Better?
9.    Trails?  What Trails?
10.    Are Deep-Woods Bucks Easy?
11.    Deep-Woods Rub Lines
12.    The Deep-Woods Rut
13.    More Forest Rut Tactics
14.    Late Season in the Big Woods
15.    The Hunter's Sixth Sense
16.    Getting Your Deer Out
17.    Deep-Woods Bow Camps
18.    The Big Woods at Sunset


"    Hardcover
"    6x9 inches
"    240 pages
"    Approximately 100 photographs
"    Retail price: $24.95

For information or to order visit the website: iHunt Books

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