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Eastman Outfitters Intro Rapidmount
By Jeff Bergman
Sep 16, 2006, 11:55

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Hunters have been asking for treestand and ladderstand blinds for years, but many of the solutions on the market are a struggle to use, provide little to no adjustment, and don't fit well on varying models of stands.   Eastman Outfitters™ proudly introduces the solution:  the RapidMount™ 3D Treestand Blind, an innovative concealment system developed to fit all treestands and ladderstands.

The RapidMount™ 3D Treestand Blind uses hub technology combined with a patent pending RapidMount™ ball-and-socket system.  The blind hub panel pops open like an umbrella and attaches to any stand with the RapidMount™ system in a matter of seconds, providing quick and easy cover.   The system is universal and can be easily moved from one stand to another in a matter of seconds.

The system is not only quick to install, but also provides 360-degree adjustment and versatility.  With the twist of a knob, hunters can quickly and easily adjust the RapidMount™ 3D Treestand Blind to any angle, height or shape.  "The adjustability is important because every hunt is different," said Scott Lee, Product Manager for Eastman Outfitters™.

The RapidMount™ 3D Treestand Blind is constructed using LeafCover™ - realistic 3D leaves that simulate natural tree foliage.   "This product takes treestand concealment to the next level," said Lee.  "The RapidMount™ blind installs in seconds, is easy to use, and goes where ordinary blinds can't.  It can even be positioned below the stand to prevent animals from looking up and spotting you."

About Eastman™ Outfitters
Eastman Outfitters™, an Eastman Outdoors® brand,  is a leading manufacturer of quality hunting equipment and accessories.  Award-winning Eastman Outfitter™ products are available throughout North America at leading retailers and hunting specialty stores.  For more information about Eastman Outfitters™ contact customer service at (810) 733-6360 or visit  


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