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Air Rest from American Whitetail & Double Take Archery
By Keith Dunlap
Jun 19, 2006, 12:01

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DoubleTake Archery’s Air-Rest marketed by American Whitetail Targets, is designed to reduce or eliminate the common problems we find with most arrow rests…namely friction, noise and moving parts.  Lets take a look at the Air-Rest and see how it measures up…


  • The Air-Rest is solidly constructed from lightweight CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum.  It has a black anodized finish with laser-etched graduated adjustment markings for windage, elevation, and front to rear adjustments.
  • The main components of the Air-Rest include: the main magnet, the main magnet housing (including the windage adjustment bar), the mounting bracket, and the elevation bracket.
  • The rest has a very strong, nickel-plated magnet with a black epoxy coating for protection.  This main magnet is held in the housing by use of a steel snap ring.
  • The mounting bolt and both adjustment screws are constructed of steel.
  • The windage and elevation adjustments on the Air-Rest are made using a 1/8” hex head wrench.  The front to rear adjustment (for tweaking the draw length of the arrow) is made using a 3/16” hex head wrench.  There are easy to read graduated adjustment markings located on the components of the rest for each of these dovetail-type adjustments.
  • The mounting bolt that holds the rest to the bow is a ¾” long 5/16” x 24 thread bolt that requires a 3/16” hex head wrench for installation.
  • The Air-Rest comes with a felt pad that installs on the inside of the Rest to eliminate noise upon contact with the arrow both at rest and during the draw.
  • The Air-Rest also includes six special magnetic arrow inserts, which are also constructed from machined aircraft grade aluminum.  Each has a strong rare earth magnet fitted into the rear of the insert.  This part centers itself in the Rest at full draw of the arrow.

The manufacturer claims that you will have perfect arrow flight every time when friction caused by the arrow contacting the Rest during its flight is eliminated.  The Air-Rest uses powerful magnetic levitation technology to literally float your arrow on air so there is no shaft contact, no fletching contact, no friction, no noise and no moving parts to wear out.  You must use the inserts sold with the Rest in order for the magnetic field to hold your arrow in place while at full draw.  You get six free inserts with the purchase of the Air-Rest and additional inserts can be purchased.  These inserts are available for both carbon and aluminum arrows, and in most sizes for each…and they are adding new inserts regularly.

They offer carbon arrow magnetic inserts to fit most carbon arrows, including: 

• CI-1 fits most standard carbon arrows such as Beman ICS, Carbon Express, etc

• CI-2 fits ACC 3-60 and Carbon Tech arrows

• CI-3 fits most Gold Tip arrows


They also offer magnetic inserts to fit most aluminum arrows, including the following sizes:

• 2117, 2213, 2216, 2314, 2315, 2413

This rest is designed for newer bows with a draw stop or bows with a very solid, definite “back wall”.  The manufacturer does not recommend use with older bows or bows with a “spongy back wall”.  Correct setup is critical for proper function on the bow.  The setup guide included is sufficient for getting everything properly installed and tuned.  The Air-Rest is available in right or left-handed versions.

Installation and Setup

I found the installation simple enough, just one bolt for mounting and glue the special inserts into six of your favorite arrows.  Position the Rest in the middle of its front to rear adjustment and then adjust for square and centershot.

Setup is a bit more difficult than with most other Rests on the market today but nothing to be concerned about.  It is critical that your arrows be cut to the proper length in order for the arrow insert to levitate, or “float” at full draw.  The setup guide specifies that your arrows be cut so that they stick out 7/8” past the front face of the Rest.  Cut one arrow first and measure to be sure before cutting your remaining arrows.  I found that if your arrows are not cut to the exact, recommended length, that the arrows tend to drop into the “valleys” of the Rest at full draw, making it impossible to release the arrow effectively.  The Air-Rest can be adjusted by up to one inch overall from front to rear to make it easier to fine tune the draw length for proper fit of your arrows.

Fine-tuning for proper function depends on having a solid back wall or draw stop for a consistent anchor point each time you draw.  If you do not have a consistent anchor point each draw, the arrow will not levitate and settle into the center as intended.  The setup guide included was sufficient for proper setup.


The initial inspection of the Air-Rest and the included inserts for quality craftsmanship, fit and finish proved that there were no apparent quality or workmanship flaws. 

The next test, after all components were installed and properly setup, was to determine how stable and consistent the arrow remained while at full draw.  I admit that the setup took some time to get right, but once it was, everything performed as intended.  The arrows levitated in the center of the Rest and stabilized quickly upon full draw.  Upon my first trial, the arrows were not stabilizing as quickly as I would like, so based upon the manufacturer’s recommendation, I eliminated my string loop and attached my release directly to the bowstring.  This helped stabilize the arrow more quickly while at full draw.

After I was satisfied with the function and stability of the arrow’s levitation while at full draw, I shot 60 arrows to test the accuracy and consistency of the arrow flight.  The Air-Rest’s performance remained consistent in both arrow flight and impact points.  Wind did not seem to have any adverse affect while I was shooting.  In addition, the arrow is fully surrounded by the main magnet both at rest and at full draw, so it is impossible for the arrow to fall off at any time.  As far as noise level; the felt pad that was included kept the arrow silent in the Rest at all times, a definite advantage.

One item to note...the inserts that you must use are approximately 50 grains per insert for carbon arrows.  The typical weight of an insert for a carbon arrow, for example, is around 11-15 grains.   For aluminum arrows, the exact insert weight varies with the different arrow diameters, but typically add 25-35 grains over typical inserts.  If the weight of the insert is a concern, you can drop down in the weight of the tip or broadhead you use in your arrow to compensate for the heavier insert.

Overall the Air-Rest performed well.  The concept and design are revolutionary to say the least.  I’m sure we’ll see more Rests like it in the future.


  • Air-Rest Weight:  6oz.
  • Arrow inserts: machined aluminum, 50 grains each for carbon arrows, add 25-35 grains each over typical aluminum arrow inserts.
  • Air-Rest construction: CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum
  • Product warranty: limited one-year warranty covering workmanship and material
  • Air-Rest: MSRP is $149.99 (includes six arrow inserts).
  • Additional arrow inserts: MSRP is $19.99 per six.
  • Currently available only through authorized dealers 

 Ease of Setup: 3 of 5

Setup took some time and patience, but the setup guide was sufficient to get this product installed and dialed in.


Product Quality and Design: 5 of 5

Overall product quality was flawless and the design is state-of-the-art.


Function: 4 of 5

Once the Air-Rest was properly installed and tuned, arrow flight and impact point were consistent and I was pleased with the function and accuracy of this product.


Overall Benefit:  4 of 5

The concept and design are very good.  As advertised…the lack of friction, lack of noise and lack of moving parts definitely give the Air-Rest advantages that other Rests do not have.


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