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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
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Carbon Express Maxima
By Dave Conrad
Jun 13, 2005, 07:05

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Dave Conrad

Carbon Express Maxima, by Dave Conrad

Bowhunters are no different from others with passionate hobbies. We like to get as much enjoyment as possible and spend less time buying or fixing our equipment. Of all equipment in archers possession arrows probably take the most abuse. Yearly practice and throughout the hunting season inflict quite a toll on a dozen arrows. That is why carbon arrows have overtaken any other type of arrow material in popularity over the past five years.
Carbon Express Maxima

Carbon Express, a leader in the marketplace, has consistently been introducing new and improved products each year. This one is no different with the arrival of the CX Maxima Arrow.

My CXs arrived uncut but fletched with three right helical vanes carrying the Carbon Express Logo. Initial inspection revealed a new crossweave pattern called BuffTuff Plus. The new pattern allows for greater strength and durability then previous models but without the added weight. The BuffTuff Plus Crossweave pattern also insures 360 degree spine consistency throughout the shaft. This combination of strength and consistency allows for not only straighter arrows but the spine consistency enables faster arrow recovery when released. Faster recovery transforms into a more reliable arrow flight shot after shot. Consistency continues because greater reliability converts into improved accuracy on the range and more importantly during the moment of truth in the field. Finally, not only is the straightness improved with the new Maxima (.0025) but the weight tolerance per dozen as well +/- 1.0 grain.

The Maxima comes in two weight sizes that will accommodate virtually any shooter from 30 lbs. all the way up to the beefiest at close to 100 lbs. The Max250 weighs in at 7.3 grains per inch while the Max350 accommodates heavier shooters and weighs 8.2 grains per inch. The Max 350s matched my comfortable shooting weight of 70 pounds and may test group were cut at a reasonable 28.25. Inserts were included and all components were internal making for no uneven surfaces or additional adapters. Inserts are knurled to aid in adhesion when used with epoxy. The arrows came fletched with a slight right helical and final weight for all three came in between 377 and 378 total grains including a 100 grain field tip.


Testing of the new Maxima was done indoors on a 20 yards range. Two inch spot circles were used as targets to get a feel for consistency from shot to shot. Now I am not proclaimed to be the most accurate shooter in the world but at 20 yards these arrows consistently grouped in the 1 range. Penetration was excellent from the 378 grain arrow as each volley consistently penetrated completely through the layered target with about 4 inches protruding from the backside.

Design 4.0 of 5

The new Crossweave pattern is attractive and allows for smooth and quiet draws. No need to worry about spooking game as my test included pulling across a bare metal drop away rest with minimal noise. The labeling is appealing and looks like a wrap on sticker but close examination reveals it is part of the finished arrow. All components are internal and the inserts complete a smooth transition between arrow and broadhead/fieldpoint. Spin tests before and after the test were completed showed no problems in straightness or consistency. As with all carbon arrows proper care should be taken to inspect each arrow prior to shooting.

Price 4.5 of 5

 For one of the better all carbon shafts on the market the retail price of 100 dollars is very reasonable considering a dozen should last you through many seasons.

Carbon Express
P.O. Box 380
Flushing MI 48433

Phone: (810) 733-6360
Fax: (810) 733-2077
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