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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
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Stacey Archery's Tom Thumb Youth Bow
By Dave Conrad
Jul 13, 2005, 15:30

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Dave Conrad

EVALUATION: Stacey Archery 'Tom Thumb' Compound Bow
by Dave Conrad
Ron Stacey teaches them right

Everyone in the archery industry knows that tomorrows archers are today’s children. So what are the best ways to introduce young archers into the world of archery and ultimately bowhunting?  Start them out as young as possible and see if a spark of interest is struck.  Stacey Archery has helped tweak the interest of my two youngest (age 4 and 5) with their Tom Thumb II compound bow.  To look at this bow in a picture without a scale of reference you would swear it was an adult’s bow.

A CNC. machined aluminum riser accented with a real wood grip are features quickly noticed on this pint sized beauty.  Noticed I said machined and not cast.  Stacey believes in the quality of their products and the Tom Thumb II shows their dedication.  The riser as well as the wheels and limb pockets are machined from solid blocks of 6061-T6 aluminum.  Not only are they machined but the risers are also anodized in 5 color choices.  My son’s came decked out in Mossy Oak Breakup Camo.  The Power Glass limbs continued the camo scheme which was complemented with black limb pockets and wheels.  Other color choices include red, blue, green, black and purple.

The poundage of the Tom Thumb II adjusts over a ten pound range with models starting as low as 10 to 20 pounds and moving up to a peak of 30 to 40.  My five year old son Jacob had no problems pulling the minimum draw weight on his 10 to 20 pound model.  So after a couple volleys we cranked the Tom Thumb up to 12 pounds for a couple more rounds before we settled it in to fifteen.  The Tom Thumb II also includes a five inch draw range on its round wheel cams (3 models 16"-20", 18"-22", 21"-25") or adjustable modules of 21-25” on the Speed Cam.

So you can see that the greatest feature about this bow is that as your youngster grows so does the Tom Thumb II.  Stacey will upgrade, for a nominal fee, the cams as well as the string to increase the draw length and poundage to keep in tune with your youngster.

What else does this little jewel have? How about a 65-70 letoff on either of the eccentrics, wheel or speed cam, offered by Stacey.  Strings as well as cables are manufactured from Fast Flite material and the cables are steadied by a full length lockdown cable guard.  Limb pockets with rocker stud mounts that insure stability as well as alignment.  Stacey goes the extra mile stating that “Nothing on these bows is made from plastic, pressed, stamped or cast. All parts on these little bows are fully C.N.C. machined from the finest quality materials available today.”  This ensures the Tom Thumb II will provide your youngster with years of enjoyment. 
Tom Thumb II
The bow is a quality piece of equipment that Jacob can hand down to his 7 month old brother in a couple of years.  I know this first hand as I have a friend, who of his six children, no less than 4 has started on the same Stacey youth bow.

With an overall length close to 30” and with a weight of just shy of 2 pounds little ones should have no problems supporting and steadying the Tom Thumb II by its two piece wood grip.  The grip of the bow seems to become one as an arm extension.  Jacob has no trouble whatsoever placing four arrows in a block style target from 10 yards.  An integrated accessory that helps little finger placement on the string is a rubberized finger release.  It came installed on the bow and is one of several accessories offered directly from Stacey.  A great addition for tender fingers and I highly recommend it as it also aids in finger placement.

The wheel cams allow for a smooth draw cycle and stops in a solid back wall.  The high letoff enables little ones to comfortably hold at full draw while learning the basics of aiming.  The Tom Thumb II riser adds 3/16” more clearance in the arrow rest cutaway enabling a wide array of rests to be used.  Although my sons bow came equipped with a fixed side mount rest.  The bow also features a removable shelf guard which is an added safety feature.  It will protect the little shooters and keep the arrow on the shelf during the draw cycle is the arrow happens to fall from the rest.

Upon arrival all I needed to do was attach a sight, make up some arrows and begin the lessons.  Stacey can equip the Tom Thumb II to be ready for shooting upon shipment with all the necessary accessories available from the website.

Design 5 of 5
The bow resembles an adult model machined from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum.  Machined limb cups and cams complete the precision engineered product.  The Tom Thumb II is designed to grow with your child enabling them years of quality shooting experiences.

Quality 5 of 5
No corners are cut as this bow is made from the best materials available.  No plastic or cheap imitation materials are used in the manufacture of the best youth bow available on the market.

Price 5 of 5
For well under $200.00 your child will have a bow that enables them to learn and grow in a great sport.  Compared to an adult bow with the same qualities this bow is a steal.

I have never had the pleasure of evaluating a better product. Watching the expressions on my son’s face and the enthusiasm as he learns the sport with this great tool makes me proud.

Axle Length - 30"
Overall Weight - 1.9 lbs.
Brace Height - 5 3/4"
Draw Weight - 10 to 40 lbs. in 10 lb. increments
Draw Length - 16" to 20", 18" to 22", 21" to 25" (wheels or baby speed cams with 21" to 25" draw length modules)
Let-Off - 65% to 70%

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