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Evaluations : Keith Dunlap
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Field Evaluation: Magnus Snuffer SS
By Keith Dunlap
Sep 21, 2006, 06:14

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The two most important features of a broadhead today are true flight and toughness.  Magnus combines both of these features in their latest entry into the broadhead market for 2006…the Snuffer SS cut-on-contact three-blade stainless steel broadhead. 

Magnus has been producing cut-on-contact broadheads since 1984.  Their products are tough, and they offer an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee for their broadheads.  Magnus spin-tests each broadhead before packaging, and the manufacturer claims that the Snuffer SS will maintain flawless and true flight from even the fastest bows on the market today.  I tested the Snuffer SS broadheads and the results speak for themselves.

Initial Inspection
Upon initial inspection of the Snuffer SS, I found no defects of any sort.  All three 100-grain broadheads were razor-sharp on each of the three blades and required no sharpening upon initial use.  Each head was machined flawlessly and the quality of construction was evident upon initial inspection.

Two of the three Snuffer SS broadheads weighed exactly 100 grains, and one weighed 98 grains on my calibrated scale.  I triple checked each broadhead weight for accuracy.   

Each Snuffer SS measured 1 17/32 inches from the tip of the point to the base that seats on the arrow insert.  Each broadhead measured 5/16 of an inch diameter at the base that seats on the arrow insert.  Each broadhead measured 2 5/32 inches overall from the tip of the point to the tip of the threaded section.

The material used to construct the Snuffer SS is 100% knife-grade stainless steel.  The cut on contact design is very impressive and each broadhead was true when I performed a spin-test.

I screwed the three Snuffer SS broadheads included in the package into Carbon Express Maxima 350 arrows.  The total weight of each arrow with the Snuffer SS was 370 grains.  The bow I used for the testing was a Bowtech Tribute with 70# draw weight and 29" draw length…using a Trophy Ridge Dropzone rest (my finely tuned hunting rig for the 2006 season).  After paper tuning the bow, I began the testing.

The first test I performed was an accuracy test launching 60 arrows into a Block target at 20 yards.  Making sure to use arrows with the exact same weight with field tips and the Snuffer SS broadheads, I shot 30 arrows at 301 fps using my field tips, and 30 arrows at 301 fps using the Snuffer SS broadheads.  The results using the Snuffer SS 100-grain heads were quite impressive when compared to my field tip groupings.  The Snuffer SS broadheads grouped just as well as my field tip groups using the same equipment and same total arrow weight for both trials.

I then launched 60 arrows from a 20-foot high tree stand into a 3-D deer target at 20 yards.  I again shot 30 arrows using my 100-grain field tips, and 30 arrows using the Snuffer SS broadheads.  The results shooting the Snuffer SS from the tree stand were just as impressive as the first test performed from the same level as the target.

The next test performed was a penetration and durability test.  I chose three other brands of 3-blade cut-on-contact 100-grain broadheads to compare to the Magnus Snuffer SS for durability.  I used the same Maxima arrows as in the previous tests, but I launched the arrows with each of the various broadheads from 15 feet into a #1 grade 3/4" thick piece of plywood with no visible knots to ensure consistent application of the test.

The Snuffer rips through heavy plywood without a scratch

Each arrow hit the board with a great deal of force.  All four arrows with the various broadheads fully penetrated the board.  Measurements were taken from the backside of the plywood to the arrow insert to verify penetration for each arrow and broadhead combination.  The Magnus Snuffer SS penetrated the plywood a full 3/8 of an inch further than the best of the other three broadheads tested for penetration.

I removed each of the broadheads shot into the plywood and inspected them for damage and compared them to a new broadhead of the same brand and model to inspect for differences after being shot through the plywood.  All four broadheads, including the Snuffer SS suffered minor damage after being shot through the plywood.  The Snuffer SS; however, suffered only a minor knick in one of the three blades.  A little bit of sharpening fixed the damaged blade.  A spin-test revealed the Snuffer SS to still be true.

Specifications as Tested
  • Three blade cut-on-contact design
  • Snuffer SS weight:  100 grains
  • Snuffer SS cutting diameter: 1 1/16 inches
  • Snuffer SS construction: knife-grade stainless steel
  • Product warranty: unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee

Magnus currently offers the new Snuffer SS in two screw-on models; 100 grains with a 1 1/16 inch cutting diameter and 125 grains with a 1 1/8 inch cutting diameter.  They will offer a 150-grain model in the near future.  The 100-grain Snuffer SS that I used for this test performed very well overall.  The flight was true as advertised and this broadhead was also tough enough for any big game I'll be hunting.  Needless to say I will be replacing my mechanical broadheads and heading a field this fall with the Snuffer SS in my quiver.

Design: 5 of 5
An impressive cut-on-contact design

Product Quality: 5 of 5
Flawless construction and superior durability

Function: 5 of 5
Out-performed other fixed three-blade broadheads in flight accuracy, penetration, and durability


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