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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Looking at the Wolverine 12 Point
By Dave Conrad
Sep 29, 2005, 00:30

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Dave Conrad

Wolverine 8-inch 12-Point Scent-Loc Hunting Boot

by Dave Conrad


Comfort is the first word that came to my mind when I opened the box that held the Wolverine 12-Point boot.  Removing them from the box and upon inspection, comfort was still on my mind.  Putting them on and walking confirmed my overall impressions.  This is the first boot, right out of the box that was flexible like a running shoe with the comfort to boot.  No pun intended.

The 12-Point boot that I received from Wolverine is lightweight coming in at around 2.5 pounds per pair.  The upper is made of 100 denier Cordura nylon and surrounded by full grain pigskin leathering.  Each seam is sealed, double stitched and boasts 100% waterproof for those wet mornings or stream crossings on the way to your stand.

For those hunts where the temperature starts to diminish a little bit the boots are insulated with 200 grams of Thinsulate.  I look forward to using these on those frosty October and November mornings where the temperature hovers in the 30’s and 40’s.  Now for those pesky noses that tend to pickup your scent trail, the 12-Point features a Scent-Lok liner to absorb human odors before they can escape.  The inner soles of the 12 point consist of a hidden EVA mid-sole and a removable cushion insole which are more than adequate for all day comfort as well as support.

Traction to me is very important as I tend to climb creeks and streams with fairly steep banks.  I hate the thought of slipping and falling back into shallow water, especially when I plan on hunting all day.  The spider web design of the 12-Point assures you of good traction but at the same time doesn’t clog up with dirt.  The webbing is spaced far enough apart so you don’t have to worry about dropping dirt clogs from your treestand.  This tends to cause unnatural and disturbing sounds as it hits the leaf covered forest floor.

The 12-Point comes in either a 6” or 8” height versions depending on your preference for ankle support.  I tested the 8” version and like the taller support.  I also want a taller boot for the reason mentioned earlier of crossing streams.  There is nothing more miserable than having any part of your body soaked during a hunt, especially your feet because long walks tend to cause major rubbing and the onset of blisters.

The 12-Point’s heavy duty laces are secured through four pairs of nylon holders.  The lace holders are secured to the boot with double stitching through four fingerlike leather extensions.  These extensions then meet the lower leather base where they once again are double stitched.  This not only adds extra strength but also aids in a snug yet comfortable fit when the laces are tightened. 

The upper lacings of the 8” boot are secured with three hooks which enable quick on and off.  The first of the three hooks once again uses a fingerlike leather extension to secure a snug fit just above the ankle.  On the back of the boot is a nylon hoop to aid in quickly pulling on the 12-Point boot.  It also makes a nice place to conveniently tie on a drag rag as well.

Each time I slipped on the boot, they did just that, slipped on very easily.  I hate having to wrestle with a pair of boots trying to get them over a medium to heavy weight wool sock.  With heavy socks just loosen the laces and make sure to spread the boot open and your foot will slide right in.  The lace hooks are deep enough to securely hold the laces and the nylon lace holder make for a very quick tightening.  My only concern of the nylon is how well will they hold up over time.  Will briars and brambles tend to snag the nylon and weaken them?  We will find out over the long haul but I feel they should have no problem holding up for a season of big game hunting.

The Realtree Hardwoods HD camo covers the leather as well as Cordura.  The camouflage and boot surface should adequately blend in to any surrounding, especially those early season turkey hunts just before “green up”.  For whitetails the Scent-Lok liner is an extra bonus in order to alleviate foot odor.  I would however like to see a removable Scent-Lok bootie in order to reactivate the liner by throwing it into a dryer.

Design 4 of 5

The Wolverine 12-Point is extremely comfortable and easy to get on and off.  The spider design traction is a real plus and debris doesn’t stick in the design.  The 100% waterproofing will keep your feet warm and dry on those cool crisp fall days.  The Scent-Lok though not a bootie should give you the added benefit of scent control.

Comfort 4.5 of 5  

Comfort is a feature of fit and support.  As long as you initially get the boot fitted correctly this is one of the most comfortable and lightest boots on the market.  The 200 grams of Thinsulate is the reason for warmth without adding bulk.  The EVA mid-sole combined with the removable full cushion removable liner should respond for all day comfort.

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