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Treestand Hunting: Best Wear 'Fall Guy'
By Scales Adv.
Aug 1, 2006, 11:09

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FallGuy - From Integrated Safety - The tree stand safety system Developed by Automotive Safety Engineers that keeps you constantly connected to a lifeline!

Imagine being constantly connected to a lifeline from the second you arrive at your tree until the time you walk away from it after your hunt. FallGuy introduces the FallGuy Superior 20 Safety Vest System and the FallGuy Retractor 20. These innovative products continue to revolutionize tree stand safety.

The FallGuy Superior 20 Safety Vest System consists of the FallGuy Vest with Harness and the Fall Guy Retractor 20. Other fall-restraint belts or harnesses are restricting, even suffocating! The FallGuy Vest/Harness system uses automotive industry expertise to evenly distribute weight to all the right places. In the event of a fall, you are secure and comfortable, making it easier to recover to safety.

The FallGuy Retractor 20 solves the problem of safely climbing up and down the tree. The FallGuy Retractor 20 has 20 feet of stowed webbing.  When the FallGuy Retractor 20 is properly installed above your tree stand, all you need to do (while still on the ground) is attach the Retractor 20 caribiner to your harness and climb the tree - its that simple.  Should you slip at any time, the Retractor 20 will stop the fall nearly instantly. You are protected from the time you leave the ground until you return to the ground. The Retractor 20 serves as your fall restraint system as you climb and as you hunt! The Retractor 20 is also sold separately so you can put one in every tree you hunt.

FallGuy products, thanks to over 50 years of automotive safety know-how, will revolutionize the way you hunt by making tree stand hunting safer than ever before!
For additional information on our entire FallGuy tree stand safety product lineup, please see the attached brochure or visit us at: Fall Guy

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