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Evaluations : Dave Conrad
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Bow Anchor Sight - Field Evaluation
By Dave Corad
Sep 4, 2005, 06:55

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Dave Conrad

When I first saw the Bow Anchor Sight from Archery Innovations I was a little setback.  I couldn’t come to grips with departing from my trusty peep sight.  When you get use to something as tried and true as a peep it is very hard to change.  I am of old school where if it isn’t broke why fix it.  Over the years of bowhunting with a peep sight I have taken a number of fine animals so why do a complete 180 and get rid of it.  But its my job to evaluate products that Rich Walton has sent to me so I gave it a try to see what all the hype surrounding the Anchor Bow Sight was really all about.


So just what is an  Bow Anchor Sight?  It is an eye alignment system that will help you find a consistent anchor form.  By continuously anchoring in the same point you will be able to improve accuracy.  Archery Innovations made this possible by placing ¼” red circle on a lens at the back of the system closest to your eye.  At the other end of the system is a crosshair with a black alignment dot in the center.  The alignment system works by placing the black dot within the red circle when at full draw.   

The alignment system works by being positioned just under your sight.  It makes for a cramped sight window but once accustomed it is quick to capture in your view.

The body (housing) of the  Bow Anchor Sight is constructed of tough ABS, while the mounting bracket is made of black, anodized aluminum for strength and weight consideration. The  Bow Anchor Sight is secured to the mounting bracket with two 8-32 mounting screws, the mounting bracket, which is about 1/8” thick, is secured to the riser using you sight screws.

The  Bow Anchor Sight was very easy to install and this was even on a Hoyt Tec series Riser.  I thought I would have trouble with it but it just fit between the two riser stands.  The sight has a micro tuning gauge which helped get it dialed in the last few millimeters.  When finished with the initial mounting I closed my eyes and drew the bow, opened my eyes and could see that I had to adjust the Anchor Bow Sight down just a bit.  I quickly had it dialed in using the micro tuning gauge and a quick look at my watch showed installation took approximately 10 minutes. 


Testing was performed on an indoor 20 yard range.  I quickly stepped to the 10 yard line and fired one arrow as the cross hair dot centered within the red circle.  I marked the spot of the arrow in the target as I retrieved the arrow to repeat the process.  I am sure glad that I had retrieved the arrow cause if I hadn’t I am pretty sure I would have had a robin hood.  Longer shots proved to be likewise.

Adjusting the light on the range the first benefit I noticed from the Bow Anchor Sight was how the acrylic crosshair tube still were visible in the ever dimming light.  Looking through my peep sighted bow showed pins that were much harder to pick up.  Moving outside the Anchor Bow Sight revealed an increase shooting time at dusk by about 10 minutes.  I would also say the same is true for early morning.  Now serious bowhunters know that this time is very critical.  Two years ago I wish I would have had an Anchor Bow Sight as I had to let down on a 160” brute at 37 yards due to fading light through my peep.

The second advantage of the  Bow Anchor Sight is how you can use it to gauge your form.  If you cant or torque the bow slightly you will notice the outside lines of the cross hair become disfigured as well as the dot moving out of the circle.  Now you would never think such little movements could cause large errors in your shooting.  I noticed this helped as I continued shooting and arm fatigue began to set in.  The more I continued to shoot the more the Anchor Bow Sight would correct me.

The final advantage is after becoming acclimated to the Anchor Bow Sight how much faster you can get a shot off.  With a peep you also have that extra second of aligning your sights within your peep.

At first you concentrate on the  Bow Anchor Sight.  But as time wore on during my evaluation testing the more comfortable I became with it and the more natural sighting was.  Hopefully by the start of the season it will be second nature.    

Design: 4.5 of 5
The first two benefits mentioned above should help improve a bowhunter's season especially in the last few minutes of legal shooting light.  The quick setup time with an unfamiliar product was also great.  The only problem I do see is the glare caused by the acrylic end which houses the cross hair type reticle.  The overall view was exceptionally clear in a variety of shooting light and distances.

Value: 4 of 5
The approximate $65 retail price may scare some people away but to me it is a small price to pay for something that will improve your form, increase your hunting time at that ever crucial time and allow you to get the shot off quicker.

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