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Field Evaluation - Sportsman's Edge Multi-Vitamins
By Rich Walton
Oct 12, 2006, 06:07

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I have been intrigued by the Vitamin Product SPORTSMAN'S EDGE since I first met Dr's Steve Merlin and Paul Plante at the ATA show back in Jan of 2005. We had a spirited discussion about the product and their eagerness to help our audience at through a monthly health/medical column. The more I spoke to these dedicated hunters and highly educated medical professionals the more excited I got over having them on board.  They were also pretty excited over having Robinson Outdoors market their product. A product both felt would be especially beneficial to outdoors people who need every bit of natural help the health field could provide. Looking at Steve and Paul it was obvious they were both in excellent physical shape but there was more, the brightness of their eyes, the bounce in their step and the vibrancy of their voices. It was also obvious they were at the top of their game physically and mentally.

For most of us, certainly not all, the physical decline starts in the late 20's and progresses downward from there. We are a nation of over-weight, under exercised people and for the avid outdoors person being out of shape can have a devastating effect on our time and desire for outdoor pleasures. For those of us who stay in good shape through exercise and smart eating habits, there is always that desire to be better, stronger, and more resilient, have more energy to do more.

Those that know me will attest I have pushed physical fitness a lot farther than most. When I graduated from College with my Masters and became Director of Marketing/Advertising for PSE in 1977 I was already hooked on the gym. Even at the light weight of 148 lbs I entered my first body building contest. I exercised 5 to 6 times a week, didn't drink nor smoke. I put some things in my body most people would turn their noses up at and consumed massive doses of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbals all highly recommended by the gurus of body building. I entered my last contest at 158 lbs, in 1980 at age 37.  I was not only the oldest competitor but also the lightest. And while I was in great shape, lots of energy to boot I can honestly say I never really felt like the supplements I took, up to 32 pills a day, really did anything. In fact, I can absolutely tell you they had a dangerous side effect on me. The most common form of overdose today is through the over use of vitamins. In addition, while herbals, none of which are FDA regulated, have found favor, there are little documented trials showing what the interactions of many of these do to the human body.

So, over the past decades I have really slowed down on my use of vitamins, etc. I have not competed since 1981 but I have never lost my desire to push myself physically. I am 62, I weight 180 lbs, give or take a few. I work out full body with weights and some cardio three times a week. In addition I play tennis three times a week including a rugged singles match. I also play golf twice a week and I go out dancing at my favorite country bars twice a week. My problem, says my doctor and a few female friends who view themselves as Mom, is I won't slow down even in the face of injury. Why am I telling you all this? To let you know how important physical activity is to me and why, after speaking to the Hunt Doctors so enthusiastically talk about their product, I decided to go off my regular Purity Multi regime and give SPORTSMAN'S EDGE a try.

It took a few months for Robinson to deliver my years supply but I finally got it in July. Following the directions I take two tablets a day. One each, after breakfast and after dinner. At the time right before I started SE I have to tell you I was not my usual self. I was not making the gym on the regular basis I had for decades. The drive was waning. I was dating a wonderful lady 20 years my junior and luckily she was content to just stay home because that is where I preferred to be. I played doubles tennis on Sat and sometimes caught on to a second match when done but I knew I did not have the energy I had a few months before. I struggled when my buddy and I walked 9 holes. I thought I was just running out of gas because I had finally hit the age when it was due. So getting on the SE regime, I thought was a good idea as it was pretty obvious my usual intake of vitamins wasn't working. How in the world could any one with my current energy and strength level hunt hard, go after game in the more remote areas and push myself in the field if it was hard to hit the gym three times a week?

Two weeks into my new regime I started to feel better. Not a lightning bolt but just a perceptible change. I rededicated my self to the gym and have not missed a day since. After the first month I knew something was working. I looked forward to working out again, my tennis came back (not so much the skill level but the desire to keep playing and keep playing hard), I breeze through the 9 holes carrying my bag. I have added going out once, or twice a week now dancing. Honestly, I feel I would drive a 40 year old man in the ground. Now, what changed? Maybe some attitude. Some desire to not succumb to age but I really believe the extra boost comes from SPORTSMAN'S EDGE. After all, attitude comes from how we feel and I feel like I did 20 years ago. Not just the physical part, the energy part and the stamina part but mentally too.

Robinson Outdoors and the Hunt Doctors claim Sportsman's Edge will provide:
  • More energy and stamina
  • Better immune function
  • Reduced altitude sickness
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved vision
  • Resistance to colds
  • Reduced body odor
  • Improved hearing

While I can't attest to every claim because I've not been on SE long enough. I will cover those I feel have worked.  I will do a follow up review at the end of my first year.

Energy and stamina: How's this for my Typical week not including work, which usually sees me at my desk at 7 am?
  • Monday, 2 hours weight training.
  • Tue, 3 sets of singles tennis.
  • Wed, 2 hours weight training, 3 sets doubles tennis.
  • Thur. afternoon, walk 9 holes carrying bags.
  • Fri dancing from 8 to 11.
  • Sat. morning 3 sets doubles tennis, 2 sets singles tennis, followed by 2 hours weight training. Sat night, dancing 8 to 2.
  • Sunday 18 holes golf, (ok, we ride).
I think this pretty well sums up the energy and stamina part.

Better immune function:
Resistance to Colds:  
Haven't been sick yet but let's give this a year on my second review. I usually get hit with a cold every year and my immune system has to take a hit due to all the exercise I put myself through. If SE can help in that area I'm all for it because colds really slow me down.

Reduction in altitude sickness: Honest, I don't see hunting or hiking in an area that would subject me to this but you might and this is the only vitamin supplement that addresses this concern.

Improved concentration: Absolutely. I not only notice this while shooting and playing sports but at my jobs. Not only am I the back bone of (OK,, Robert does contribute the massive amount of hunts and runs the site) but I also am President of Hawk Associates my advertising agency and I know SE has helped me concentrate on all I do.

Improved vision/hearing:  I have never had problems with either and really can't say SE has improved either, but again, it's only been two months. I had Lasic Eye surgery a few years ago so have great far vision. As for hearing, I take care of my hearing. When I'm out dancing, CW music and live bands can get pretty loud so I stuff napkin in my ears. May look funny but I know the danger so protect myself. When shooting firearms, working in my yard with any loud tool like a chain saw, leaf blower, or electric saws I am never without my set of Pro Ears. Again, these are slow hearing killers that no amount of supplements will ever repair. Don't be dumb, even a 22 cal rifle can cause hearing damage so my advice, get some Pro Ears. Besides they are great in the field hunting because they amplify noises you would never hear on your own, like game moving.
But, will SE help? I'll let you know in 10 months if I notice anything.

Reducing body odor:  This is a great thing for everyone, not just hunters concerned about human odor alerting game. If this product will reduce body odor and halitosis it will also have some great applications in social environments.

So, how would I rate SPORTSMAN'S EDGE?  I know the main reason I buy any multi-vitamin is for health reasons for increased stamina, energy and the ability to boost one's immune system to reduce the chances of getting sick. So far, only 2 months into it I would have to rate SE, in these areas at a 8, with 10 being the top. My energy, compared to two months ago is through the roof. My stamina, like wise. I have not been sick but again, let's give that part more time to play out.

As far as the other attributes, I'll report on them in 10 months. My advice, get some SE in your pantry and start taking it as directed. Regardless of where you are in life, at what age and what physical shape. Whether you are a man or woman, exercise or not, if you want to improve your ability to hunt, hike, play or just get more out of life I really believe SPORTSMAN'S EDGE can help you do it all better. And I really believe your attitude will change as a result.  Next, give me 10 months.

Here is what you'll find in SPORTSMAN'S EDGE:

                    TARGETED    TRAITS    


1 IU = .3 mcg    Vitamin A 10000IU (200%) (1.5 mg)
But 50% as B Carotene    Halitosis / Hearing /
Immune Function / Skin /
1667 IU = 1 mg    Beta-Carotene 2500 IU (1.5 mg)
 with Zeaxanthin included    
    Biotin 300 mcg Pure (100%)    General Health
    B Complex:
    B1 Thiamin 30 mg (2001%)
    B3 Niacin 40 mg (200%)
    B12 Cobolamin 100 mcg (1610%)
    B2 Riboflavin 30 mg (1764%)
    B6 Pyrodixine30 mg (1500%)    Vision / Skin / Jet Lag / Body
Odor/ Fatigue / Hearing /
Immune Function / Cold
Tolerance / Circulation /
Prostate / Cognitive
    Bilberry (45% Extract -
Anthocyanoside) 200 mg (-%)

    Vitamin C 500 mg (833%) plus
Bioflavonoid 25% (Citrus) 40mg

    Jetlag / Hearing / Skin/
Cold Tolerance / Circulation/
Halitosis / Vision / Fatigue /
Immune Function /
Cognitive Concentration

    Calcium 100 mg (10%)
    General Health
    Chlorophyll 100 mg (-%)    Body Odor
    Copper 2 mg (100%)    Body Odor / Prostate/
    Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg (166%)    Obesity
1 IU=.000025mg    Vitamin D 400 IU (100%) (.01 mg)    Prostate / Hearing  
1 IU = .66mg    Vitamin E 400 IU (1333%) (264 mg)    Prostate / Immune
Function / Halitosis / Cold
Tolerance / Vision /
Circulation / Cognitive
    Folic Acid 800 mcg (200%)    Halitosis / Cognitive
Concentration / Hearing
    Ginkgo 120 mg (-%)

               Prostate / Cognitive
Concentration / Altitude
    Ginseng       Korean 200 mg (-%)
                         25% extract            Fatigue Reduction
    Grape Seed 95% Extract 50 mg (-%)    Vision
    Iron 4 mg (22%)    General Health
    Vitamin K (present in Chlorophyll)    General Health
    Iodine 150 mcg (100%)    General Health
    L Glutathione 25 mg  (-%)    Vision
    Lutein 6 mg  (-%)    Vision
    Magnesium 300 mg (75%)    Fatigue Reduction / Hearing
Enhancement / Body Odor /
    Manganese 2 mg (100%)

Molybdenum 75 mcg (100%)    General Health
    N-A-Cysteine 50 mg  (-%)    Vision
    Pantothenic Acid 5 mg (50%)    General Health
    Selenium 200 mcg (285%)    Prostate/Hearing/
Halitosis/Immune Function
    Zinc 30 mg (200%)    Body Odor/Prostate
Immune Function/Vision

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