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Frank Addington Sr Gets Another One
By Frank Addington Jr.
Jun 30, 2006, 07:02

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I've often said I'd never want my father hunting me.  He has the patience of Job and can sit for days on end without seeing any game as long as he knows there's a trophy animal nearby and that he may have a chance at spotting the animal.  I've seen him brave cold weather, rain, wind and conditions that would send most back to camp.  He climbs a tree and sits there.  I've never had that much patience.

I remember taking him to bowhunt with Butch Thompson a few years ago at the King Ranch.  Pop was out of his element. He isn't used to being on the ground and stalking game.  I saw him shoot right over the back of a good 160 class buck.   Thirty minutes later Butch and I watched him nail a folded up piece of napkin off a cactus at about fifty yards, first shot. Even after a lifetime of bowhunting he still can get "buck fever."  I laughed so hard when he missed I accidentally turned off the video camera. Butch and I still laugh about that shot, but Pop isn't as amused.

My folks have bowhunted since the recurve days and always celebrate their wedding anniversary on a June bear hunt.   I'd met guide Danny Dyer in 1997 and sent my folks there and they've been Spring bear hunting with him ever since.  They've taken some great bear with Danny.    Danny's camp is located in New Brunswick, Canada.

Chuck Adams even started hunting there.  Last year Ted Nugent  joined Pop in camp.  It's a great time and they always have fun.  If Mom bags a bear this trip it will be her 19th with a bow.

The bear in the photo below is one Pop bagged last week.  When they called from camp Mom said it had the largest head on a black bear she'd ever seen.  Pop's taken some trophy bear so I will be anxious to see how this one scores.
Daddy Frank Scores Again

Mom had spotted the bear and sent Pop to her treestand to try his luck.  He sat one evening without getting a shot and harvested the huge bruin the next evening.

Last year Cathy gave the use of her treestand to Ted Nugent when he wasn't spotting any good bear at his stand.  She wasn't able to go last year and called the lodge to tell them to take Ted to her stand.  When he bagged a nice bear there later he talked to Cathy on the phone and said that he guessed this made them family now.  Although Cathy likes to harvest big bear she will always share a favorite hunting spot with my father or someone she thinks highly of.  I guess she likes Uncle Ted.
When Pop returns I will find out additional details from this year's hunt and try and do a follow up story.

Until Next time, Adios & God Bless
Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.

If you want more info on the trip, you can call Frank Addington, Sr. at (304)755-2085. To see additional photos of the Addington family's trophies, you can visit:

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