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Last Updated: May 22, 2012 - 4:40:39 PM

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Target Panic: Taking Action - Part II
Part I discussed target panic and the way to deal with it on the mental side. Now Frank goes into the physical part.

Aug 6, 2010 - 6:38:20 AM

Target Panic: No time for it
If you've never had it, good for you. If you have, or do you know what it can mean. Frank Addington, Jr has some thoughts in Part 1.

Jul 31, 2010 - 7:15:14 AM

Our Newest Exhibition Archer

Once every so often a new star is born. Frank Addington, Jr was one and Frank says here is another to follow in the steps of those before him.

Jul 13, 2010 - 2:27:59 PM

Ann Clark Celebration at 85

It had to bring a smile to everyone's face who were fortunate to be there when Archery Hall of Fame icon celebrated her birthday. Our own Frank Addington, Jr was there.

Jul 7, 2010 - 6:30:50 AM

Straight Talk Interview - Bob Robb

Frank Addington, Jr talks to Bob Robb, one of today's most successful, well read outdoor writers; about his life, his work and occasionally, his free time.

Jun 29, 2010 - 11:05:30 AM

25 Years of Bustin Aspirins and Going for More

A mark of success is longevity and still being able to put people in the seats. Frank Addington, Jr does and has for 25 great years. Another 25 is in the cards.

Jun 22, 2010 - 1:08:05 PM

The Addington's Hunt the 1st Annual Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot

The Sr Mr. Addington and his pill busting son Frank trek out west to attend the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming's event and possibly nail a good gobbler.

Jun 14, 2010 - 6:16:40 PM

Straight Talk: Wade Nolan

Frank Addington, Jr sits down with noted Bowhunting biologist, bowhunter, instructor, videographer, seminar spokesman Wade Nolan.

May 27, 2010 - 8:25:10 AM

Ann Clark Celebrates 85th
The grand lady of archery, Hall of Fame Inductee, the beautiful Ann Clark continues to wow em as she turns 85. Happy Birthday Ann for all of us at BHN.

May 13, 2010 - 8:05:03 AM

Palmetto Sportsman's Classic: A Class Act and Southern Tradition
The Aspirin Buster heads south Hoyt in hand, audience on the edge of their seats as arrows, balloons and aspirins go flying.

Apr 30, 2010 - 6:30:42 AM

Addington, Jr Meets a Legend
The Aspirin Buster goes to the Palmetto Sportsman Classic and sits down with Owen Jeffrey a bowyer of note who worked with Fred Bear and Earl Hoyt.

Apr 8, 2010 - 11:30:53 AM

Addington, Jr Hits the World Predator and Hunting Expo
Attracting the world's top predator hunters The Aspirin Buster puts on another great Bow and Arrow Razzle Dazzle Show.

Apr 6, 2010 - 11:38:08 AM

Aspirin Buster Hits The Iowa Deer Classic
The Iowa Deer Classic is one of the country's premier hunting shows and you can bet Frank Addington Jr made it a heck of lot more exciting.

Mar 24, 2010 - 1:26:06 PM

Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle
Frank Addington, Jr puts on his usual Razzle Dazzle Archery Show and WOW's them at the Wisconsin Deer Classic & Outdoor Expo.

Mar 9, 2010 - 2:48:36 PM

Fred Bear Showed me How - Really
"Fred drew people from all backgrounds and of all ages. I can tell you he sure was kind to me."
Feb 24, 2010 - 12:35:45 PM

12th Annual St. Louis Deer Classic and Outdoor Expo
Starched Wrangler jeans, George Strait shirt, polished boots, Rocking A belt buckle  and  cowboy hat and Frank's wardrobe is complete. It's SHOW TIME.

Feb 24, 2010 - 12:33:46 PM

Aspirin Bustin' at the Northern Wisconsin Deer Classic
Constantly on the move Frank Addington, Jr makes another appearance wowing the crowd doing what he does best.

Feb 16, 2010 - 7:37:35 AM

My Ole Beat up Leather Tab
For Frank Addington Jr shooting traditional was how he started. He chose a Bear Glove, then fingers, and then his favorite Tab.

Feb 8, 2010 - 8:15:26 AM

The Groscup Method of Instinctive Shooting
Frank Addington, Jr learned from his Dad and the master, Rev. Stacey Groscup. He's been blowing aspirin out of air ever since. This is how he does it.

Feb 4, 2010 - 9:15:03 AM

Twenty Years of the Archery Trade Show
We've covered the ATA but here's how Aspirin Buster Frank Addington, Jr saw it.

Jan 29, 2010 - 6:58:46 AM

Aspirinbuster Shows turn 25 in 2010
Hard to believe Frank Addington Jr. has been busting aspirin out of the air with a bow fro 25 years!  Congrats to a great guy and a great show.

Jan 4, 2010 - 9:57:07 AM

Straight Talk - Jim Wynne
Frank sits down with one of the icons of our industry, consummate outdoorsman, family man, Award winning Manufacturer's Rep and now National Sales Manager.

Dec 24, 2009 - 4:23:16 AM

Hitting the Mark
What makes Frank Addington Jr such a good shot? How can you improve your accuracy? Well read on.

Dec 18, 2009 - 5:14:52 AM

The One That Keeps Getting Away
Sometimes it's the ones that get away that leave the best memories. But we keep trying anyway.

Dec 4, 2009 - 5:02:36 PM

Catching Up with the Aspirin Buster
When the show season winds down Frank finally has the chance to slow down.

Oct 14, 2009 - 5:02:46 AM

Remembering Rev. Stacey Groscup
He was a giant in the archery world and mentor to many including our own Frank Addington, Jr. He is remembered on this the 4th anniversary of his passing.

Sep 23, 2009 - 10:12:55 AM

Asprin buster Wows Them in Roanoke
"Frank Addington Jr. is a professional on stage and off." Bringing the Outdoors - Indoors.

Aug 15, 2009 - 4:06:29 AM

Straight Talk - Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo Part 2
We continue now with the second part of Straight Talk with America's Favorite Hunting Couple, Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo.

Aug 6, 2009 - 5:15:53 AM

Down Time for Addington
Ever wonder what industry people do when not working? This is what Frank does.

Aug 1, 2009 - 5:10:12 AM

Straight Talk - Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo Part 1
Bowhunting's #1 couple open up to us about life, family and hunting in Part 1.

Jul 28, 2009 - 6:51:14 AM

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