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Evaluations : Patrick Gordon
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Evaluation: Jennings Strike
By Patrick Gordon
Jul 31, 2006, 07:22

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Strike is a NEW combination of short, straight compression-molded carbon fiber limbs (Exclusive Jennings CK™ technology) with the enhanced Jennings jREV™ Cam.

Jennings Archery says:  "Strike represents a flat-out performance breakthrough at a flat-out amazing value," and I will have to agree with their statement. (Visit Jennings Archery web site: Jennings Archery)

As with any box arriving at my home in the mail, I tore into it with vigor and excitement.  The Strike comes professionally packaged and quite secure in the Jennings box.  My initial inspection of the bow started with an overall look at everything.  

The New Mossy Oak Break-up coats it from head to tow giving the bow a deep rich camouflage pattern.  Looking closer at the entire bow revealed flawless dipped coating from the top to the bottom.  Impressive so far.

What really stood out to me was the size of this bow.  Axle to axle this bow is only a mere 31.5 inches and light as a feather in my hands.  Only 4.2 pounds to be exact.  I've never shot a bow this short and had no idea what I was in for.  I did know however that at this length, it would be an ultimate tree stand bow.  

I next measured the brace height and it came out at a very respectable 7.625".  Over 7 and a half inches in brace height makes for one very smooth and forgiving bow.  I knew then and there that Jennings had produced a winner.

Proven Components: The Strike has a feather-light riser machined from aircraft aluminum, double taper lock limb cups, and TechTwist strings - all proven Jennings components that deliver long run, top-of-tune performance. Comes equipped with vibration dampening from Sims Vibration Laboratory.

Strike delivers a deeper valley, smoother backwall and enhanced let-off-yet achieves speeds of 305 fps.

I mounted a Stealth Hunter arrow rest, the Hindsight Extreme with a Copper John's pin sight, a string loop, tossed it into the Bowkaddy mounted in my truck bed and I was off to the range to see what this baby could do!  

My first draw with the new Strike was like running into a complete stranger that you feel you've known for years.  Set at 70 pounds, the draw was smooth and comfortable and when it hit it's nearly 80% let-off, I was in heaven.  I can't tell you how many times I've been at full draw waiting for that deer to clear the tree before my shoulder gives out.  Hoping that all the shaking isn't going to knock every leaf off of my tree before I pass out.  Jennings says 78% let-off, but to me, it felt like 90%.  Literally, you can hold at full draw for quite a while comfortably.  Vibration and hand shock were almost non existent. Truly a joy to shoot and get to know.

As for arrow speed, they tout a whopping 305 fps.  I could only get an arrow clocked at around 302, but that's close enough for me.  Any bow that's 31.5" axle to axle and shooting an arrow over 300 fps is just fine in my book.  I wish they wouldn't have gone to  a thin grip as I feel it lessens consistency when shooting, but it is none the less very comfortable in my hand.

It took me no time what-so-ever to get this bow tuned in and shooting deadly accurate.  The bow shoots so fast that the Sims string silencers lasted a grand total of 10 shots before both had flown off the string and bounced somewhere down the range.  That's when I noticed that the bow string hadn't been twisted more than 3 times.  I used a press and put a total of 7 twists in the string.  The Sims string silencers are now reinserted and working just fine.

The most amazing thing about this bow is it's price.  Carbon fiber limbs, j-REV balanced single cam producing arrow speeds over 300 fps, an aircraft aluminum machined riser cammo dipped for durability, and all in a package weighing in at 4.2 pounds and 31.5 inches axle to axle all for a suggested retail price of $399.00.  You are truly getting a top of the line bow for literally half the price of other brands.  Believe me when I say, "You can't go wrong buying this bow."  As a matter of fact, I decided to make this my hunting bow this year.

I highly recommend this bow to anyone.

            Shootability:            9
            Hand Shock:            9
            Grip:                7  
            Quality/Workmanship        10
            Draw                8.6 - Smooooth
            Speed                9.2
            Maneuverability:        9.8 - 31.5"!!  Stand Hunter!
            Noise Level:            8
            Price:                10 - $399.00 Incredible!
            Overall Impression:        8.7 - Great hunting bow.

For more: Jennings Archery

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