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Evaluations : Patrick Gordon
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Field Evaluation: Kwikee Kwiver Combo
By Patrick Gordon
Jul 18, 2006, 08:33

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Kwikee Kwiver Accepts all styles & sizes of arrow shafts & heads

    I had a smile on my face as I opened the new version of the Kwikee Kwiver.  I don't know too many people that bowhunt who have not used one at some point in their lives.  I've been using the 3 arrow version for quite a few years now without a single problem, so I knew what I had received would be a quality product.

light, compact, tough. Everything says Kwikee.
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I began by looking over the quality in manufacturing.  Everything on a Kwikee Kwiver is solid and well made and this one was no different.  It is solid from top to bottom with absolutely no weak points visible.  The Combo version holds 4 arrows snugly and fans them slightly outward to avoid shaft clatter and fletching noise.  It has multiple soft rubber arrow slots that accept mechanical or regular broadheads while the shaft of your arrow is gripped in two spots by the same type of soft rubber.  It will hold even the newest shaft sizes tightly including Easton AXIS and Beman HIT-MAX.  The ARTIC-2 material stays pliable to well below zero and offers instant and noiseless access to your arrows.  My favorite feature is that you can remove the quiver from your bow in seconds so that you can put your bow in a case or hang the quiver from a branch in your favorite tree.  It leaves only a half ounce mounting bracket on the riser to slide your quiver back into later.  
Also included in my package was a HI-RISER-II kit.  If you are shooting one of today's shorter, faster bows, then this may be for you.  It raises the quiver 4.25 inches on the handle riser.  You can mount your quiver in a vertical or tipped position as you like.  I mounted this one on my new Jennings STRIKE Bow which is 31.5 inches from axle to axle.  Without the HI-RISER-II, my fletching was well below my lower limb which can be detrimental to the safety of your arrows while moving through thick brush.  Not to mention that every time the arrows are bumped, it's a recipe for a noise disaster.
All in all, what can I say about the Kwikee Kwiver?  It's a well made, dependable product that I've used for years and will use for years to come.  Kwikee Kwivers come in 4 different types that hold from 3 to 6 arrows and 6 different camouflage patterns for you to choose from.  Patterns include HD Green, HW HD, New Breakup, Obsession, Timber, and X-TRA (Gray).  With a product this good, there is no wonder why they sell THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR BOW QUIVERS.

RATING:  5 of 5
(I've used them for years without a single problem.  That is why I give them a perfect rating.  Enjoy!)

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