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Evaluations : Patrick Gordon
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Video Review: Arrowhead Adventures Africa IV
By Patrick Gordon
Jul 25, 2006, 09:53

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Adventurer Gary Bogner is back,
Back on the dark continent and the action is non-stop!

    Raining?  Just too hot to do anything outside?  Then sit back, grab a nice cool glass of your favorite beverage and watch as Gary Bogner teams up with his guide Albert Alberts in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa for some amazing bow hunting action.

    Sometimes when I pick up a new hunting video it seems I spend half my time hitting fast forward on the remote to get to the good parts.  This video had nothing but good parts in my opinion.  Fantastic scenery, great personalities, patient waits, riveting stalks, incredible arrow placement, topped off with information on each animal and how conservation plays a huge roll in keeping animals off the endangered species list makes this video a winner.

        Gary and Albert team up to harvest some of the most difficult African plains animals to huntů..and he takes them all with his new Hoyt bows.  Hunting from both blinds near water holes and on open plains, he shows the true meaning of shot placement as he takes animals such as the Springbok, Gemsbok, Cape Eland, and Black Wildebeest.  Gary also matches wits with two of the rarest and most difficult to take species in Africa, the Southern Roan and the Bontebok.  These two bow hunts alone are worth watching his video for.  Gary makes a 70 yard, blind shot, on open ground to take a magnificent trophy and I promise, you don't want to miss it.

      All in all, this was a fantastic video chock full, "On the edge of your seat," action.  Gary and his guide Albert are a great team with a lot of charisma.  Gary shows the value of patience and the payoff of practice and experience, time and time again throughout the video.  This, as all his other videos, will make a fantastic addition to your hunting library.  The only thing better than watching the action would be to join in with this pair on the hunt itself.  Gary?  Albert?  Take me with you and I'll carry the bags!

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