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ELIMITRAX: Like You Were Never There!
By Rich Walton
Jul 21, 2006, 08:19

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For hunters, trappers and wildlife professionals' intent on getting close to game animals where they reside, the most difficult obstacle to over come is scent control. Virtually every form of footwear and clothing, even when using the countless liquid scent eliminating/masking products available, fail to adequately eliminate human and other foreign odors that drive game from the area.  Scott Whitlock, President of ELIMITRAX has developed a reliable way to eliminate these foreign odors as we move through fields and woods, the ELIMITRAX Over-Boot System.

"The Over-Boot System" explained Whitlock, "utilizes a new material technology to create a totally odorless barrier between the hunter and the environment. Wearing ELIMITRAX products eliminates alien scents so the user leaves absolutely, no scent trail to spook, or educate game."

ELIMITRAX covers the user from the ground to the thigh to ensure scent elimination even while walking through high grass or climbing into/out of your treestand.

Wearing the Over-Boots and ELIMISCENT, Scent-Free Gloves ensure 100% scent protection while setting decoys, hanging treestands, positioning scouting cameras, putting down a scent lure trail or walking to, from and within your hunting areas.

The ELIMITRAX System is also water resistant, offers protection against wind and cold temperatures, ticks, chiggers and thorny burrs. They are also adjustable for added comfort.

If you want to get close to your game, don't take chances;
ELIMITRAX: Like You Were Never There™

For complete information contact: ELIMITRAX

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