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Oct 25, 2005, 00:30

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Shooting a bow is a lot like shooting a gun, in the fact that we want to hit what we are aiming at. In comparing the two, the rifle has
two sights that are attached to the barrel while most bows will have one sight secured to the riser and the other sight in the bow
string. The problem with this set up is that the riser and the string are independent of one another. If it was the best way to take aim,
we would all have strings attached to our guns that we pulled taunt to line up our sights. Hind Sight offers a better, more accurate
way to shoot a bow by having both sights attached solidly to the riser.  Now this innovative bow sight company is offering three new
ideas that will help you shoot better, with greater accuracy.
First, Hind Sight has added a new Bumper Guard to the popular EQII Model Bow Sight. This Bumper Guard serves two purposes
in that it prevents the cable slide from coming into contact with the rear aperture while it also helps absorb any excess shock that
may cause vibrations and premature wearing of parts.

Hind Sight EQII

The new Hind Sight MAGNUM is 28% larger than our original rear aperture. The inside diameter of the MAGNUM’s rear Sight
Ring is 1.125" for a greater field of view. The Cross Hairs are thicker in depth making them sturdier for hunts in rugged terrain. The
larger surface area of the Cross Hairs also allow them to absorb more light when charging for greater visibility in low light. The
MAGNUM is designed to be used with any front sight that has stationary pins.

Hind Sight Magnum

If you cross the new HIND SIGHT MAGNUM with a TRUGLO Tru-Site Xtreme you have the new HIND SIGHT ECLIPSE.
The Tru-Site Xtreme pin assembly comes with three extra long TRUGLO fiber optic sight pins in Green, Red, and Yellow in a
medium .029 pin size. Machined precision pin alignment eliminates distortion. An enlarged circular field of view with attached
‘glow-in-the-dark’ Shooter's Ring provides a perfect fit for the MAGNUMS’s larger rear aperture. This alignment in low light will
frame your target and allow the shooter to center the front pin in the rear glow in the dark Cross Hairs for unsurpassed accuracy.
LED bonus lighting illuminates pins with less glare for better target acquisition. The ECLIPSE also features reference markings for
elevation, windage and pin adjustments. The ECLIPSE is precision, CNC machined and then hard anodized in a tough, good
looking Shadow Black finish. Tested, Tough, and True to the Mark™ the new ECLIPSE will raise your level of shooting accuracy.

Hind Sight Eclipse

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