Jon E. Silks
Field Evaluation - Mathews Hyperlite
By Jon E. Silks - Senior Field Evaluator
Dec 8, 2009 - 4:53:50 AM

Silks Outdoors Bow Report
An interview with Michael Silks


Mike, tell the readers a little bit about yourself:

  • Well I'm into biking, running, weight lifting, wrestling, football and track. I also love to ride my four wheeler and dirt bike but most of all I like to bowhunt.

What got you interested in bowhunting?
  • I think my interest in bow hunting started the first time I saw my dad bring home a deer. After that he would take me along hunting but I couldn't hunt yet because in Pennsylvania, were we live you have to to be 12.

Is this the first bow you've owned or have you owned others?
  • I've been shooting since age three so I've owned many bows. I have had just about every kind, like Bowtech, Mathews, PSE, Stacey, Champion and Parker.

So have you had a chance to help your Dad out with the testing of bows?
  • Yes, I've been helping for about 5 years now.

So, you know what to look for in a bow and what makes it perform or stand out?
  • Yes. I know pretty much everything but there are some details I don't know about yet.  

Well then let's get started - what can you tell me about the riser on the Mathew's Hyperlite?   
  • Well it's really light because it is small and made of aluminum. It has two harmonic dampeners, one on the top and one on the bottom of the bow. It has Realtree AP camo finish but you can get it in black to. It also has the Mathews logo right under the grip. The grip is a one piece grip and it's made out of laminated walnut. Some people don't like how big it is for the open hand shooting style but I've always liked it.

I noticed the limbs look unique on the Mathews Hyperlite. Can you give the readers a rundown on the limbs and limb pockets?
  • The Mathews Hyperlite limbs are made really skinny so it makes the bow even lighter. They are called Slim Limbs they are pretty far past parallel witch makes it look pretty cool. Mathews told me they make their limbs out of engineered composite plates and they are cut on a flow waterjet machine. The limbs are called SE4 Composite Limb System. The limb pockets are called Spherelock. They are really light and they pivot meaning they move when you change the weight. With some bows the limbs move instead of the pockets. The ones on the Mathews are better. The Hyperlite limbs sit on limb turrets that cradle the limbs, keeping them from moving side to side. The limbs bend from the turrets on. Available draw weights are 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, and 60-70.

What drives the Mathews Hyperlite?
  • Well, the cam and idler wheel are made out of aluminum, which helps in making it lightweight. Draw lengths are from 23.5 to 30" and also have an 80% let off, which will help when your waiting for the right shot on a deer. The cam also has a draw stop built into it so that when it reaches full draw the cable will hit the built in draw stop to let you know you are at full draw.

The Hyperlite is extremely quiet. Why do you think that is?
  • Well, it has harmonic dampeners on each side of the riser and it has two string suppressors at the end of each limb. The past parallel limbs also make it quieter.
Do you know why parallel limbs make a bow quieter?
  • Yes it's because with non parallel limbs the limbs are more up and down and they both go forward. The bow jerks and tries to jump out of your hand so it makes it vibrate and it makes it louder. With parallel limbs the top limb will push up and the bottom limb will push down therefore they eliminate each other, which will stop it from jumping out of your hand and stop it from vibrating. That makes it a lot quieter and more fun to shoot.

We all like a cool looking bow, right? What makes the Hyperlite look good?
  • I think that when it's at full draw the past parallel limbs look awesome and the Realtree AP camo looks pretty cool too. The harmonic dampeners and string suppressors look cool. I think the Mathews Hyperlite is an all around good looking bow.

Ok Mike, I think that basically covers the major components of the Hyperlite. Now let's move onto the testing. When you draw the Hyperlite back what does it feel like? Is it hard on your shoulder or is it easy?  
  • The Hyperlite is a very smooth and is very easy on the arm.

When you shoot the Hyperlite does it kick or vibrate?
  • Well, it has just a little bit of vibration and definitely not much shock.

Do you like the grip on the Hyperlite?
  • The Mathews grips have always been one of my favorites but some people don't like the size of the grip.

Ok Mike, now for the big question: Is this a fun bow to shoot?
  • Overall I think the Mathews Hyperlite is a very fun bow to shoot.

Do you hunt with the Hyperlite?
  • Yes

Tell us about your setup:
  • Well, I actually shoot a 24" draw length and the bow is set at 65 pounds. Dad said that is a lot for my age (13). I use a Hostage arrow rest, Top gun sight and a trophy Ridge quiver. I also use a rope wrist strap

Tell us about any hunting experiences you have had with the Hyperlite this year:
  • Well, so far my experiences with the Mathews have been shooting a groundhog from 60 yards and I got my first buck with the Mathews Hyperlite a couple of weeks ago.

Your first buck - congrats! Give us some details:
Mike's first buck. Taken with a Mathew's Hyperlite.

  • Well, we went out early on the first day of archery and got in our stands at about 5:30am. Around 7:30am we saw three bucks but they were out of range so we went home, took a nap, and then we got ready to go again. We got in our stands at about 3:30pm and after about 2 hours I started to see movement up above me so I stood up and got my bow ready.  Three doe came to my left but they were out of range and then another doe started to come down to me with a spike buck right behind her. I waited for a long time till they started to get close because they were munching on acorns. The fist doe I saw came down to my left and turned broadside but I passed her up because I wanted to get the spike. He finally came into range and I drew back and shot and watched him run rite past me. I watched where it went and we waited about half an hour before getting out of our treestands. We found first blood and tracked it for about twenty yards. A doe came up to our right at about 30 yards and my dad got an arrow out and drew back and shot it. He knew he put a good shot on it and heard it crash so we kept tracking my deer. Our flashlight started to go dim so we so we decided to wait until the next day to find my deer. We headed back to my Dad's deer and filed dressed it and tagged it before we went home. I couldn't wait until the next morning to find my deer. A friend and United States Marine, Kyle Palm just got done passing his Marine training and got to come home for two weeks. He took time out of his short two weeks to help me find my deer - thanks Kyle! Kyle came and picked me up in the morning and we all (brother Tyler came along too) went to last blood and started tracking. We followed the blood trail into some brush and then the blood stopped and started making circles. Not long after that I heard Kyle say, "Michael, come here." I went to where he was and he pointed to my deer! I can't tell you how happy I was. I want to thank Kyle Palm for taking time out of the two weeks he had home and finding my deer.

Mathews Hyperlite Test Setup - My Bowhunting Setup:
  •     Draw Weight: 63 pounds
  •     Draw Length: 23.5"
  •     Arrow Weight: 265 grains
  •     Added Equipment: Hostage Arrow Rest, Peep Sight, Kisser Button, String Loop

Measured Speed (Easton Chronograph):
  •     Shot #1 - 259.2 fps
  •     Shot #2 - 259.2 fps
  •     Shot #3 - 258.7 fps
  •     Shot #4 - 258.3 fps
  •     Shot #5 - 258.6 fps
Total 1294
Avg. 258.8 rounded to 259 fps

Kinetic energy = 39.48  

Michael, why should a short draw archer consider this rig over one that may cost significantly less?

  • Well, it all depends on if it is a young person and how much they can pull because you can increase the draw length with a new cam. This bow is one of the few high-end adult bows that will go all the way down to a 23.5" draw length. Since I can already pull 65 pounds I can keep this bow as long as I want. I guess a short draw archer would want this bow for the same reasons as anybody else - good draw, fast, no shock and quiet.

Hyperlite Specs:
  •     Manufacturer: Mathews
  •     Bow model: HyperLite
  •     Draw weights: 50 - 70# peak
  •     Draw Lengths: 23.5 to 30 in .5" increments
  •     Axle-to-axle length: 29.75"
  •     Brace Height: 7"
  •     Mass Weight: 3.45 pounds
  •     Let-off option: 80%
  •     Eccentrics: Single Cam
  •     Available finish: Realtree's AP
  •     Grip: One-piece wood
  •     Riser: Machined, reflex
  •     Limb pockets: Limb Turret
  •     Limbs: SE4 Composite
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