Keith Dunlap
Field Evaluation - Altus Brands Bug Hat
By Keith Dunlap - Field Evaluator
Mar 21, 2010 - 7:09:30 AM

The history of Concealment Industries, now a part of Altus Brands, LLC is one born of necessity and innovation to help hunters, military tactical personnel, outdoorsmen and women and anyone else bothered by stinging, biting, disease-carrying insects.  As many outdoor enthusiasts can relate, the inventor of the original Boonie Hat deemed irritating insects to be a major distraction from his work and recreation. As a police officer, hunter and all-around outdoorsman, he found himself so relentlessly pestered by insects that he felt bound to create a solution. Devising a prototype netted cap, he found himself able to enjoy his out-of-door lifestyle once again in peace. Additionally, considering the growing world concerns regarding insect-borne diseases, this multi-functional item was created to provide comfort, concealment and protection from a vast number of insects. (See full line of their products at Altus Brands Bug Hat)

This is a product review of the new Concealor Advantage Timber Bug Hat from Altus Brands.  This unique hat contains mosquito netting which is sewn into a zippered pocket located on the top of the hat.  To deploy the net, you simply unzip the pocket, remove the netting and pull it completely over the hat and face. The netting will help protect the wearer from all biting insects including disease carrying mosquitoes.

The new Concealor Bug Hat from Altus Brands.

The Concealor Bug Hat is available in small/medium and large/x-large sizes, with either Realtree Advantage Timber or Natural Gear camo.  I received the Advantage Timber camo pattern, which best suits my needs in the PA woods.  This hat can be effective for bowhunters during the early season bowhunts when the bugs and mosquitoes are still on the prowl seeking human flesh as their prey.  I would also recommend using this bug hat during spring gobbler hunts and even on fishing trips when the bugs are distracting and annoying.
This hat has an elastic band that keeps the hat snug and properly fitted to your head.  I found the hat to be very comfortable and simple to use in the field.  The netting completely covers the hat, your face and neck and even part of your shoulders when deployed.  This should provide adequate protection from nasty insects while providing concealment at the same time.  The special netting provides concealment, but allows you to see through it without adversely affecting your field of view.

The concept is a good one and has many practical uses for the sportsman while afield. The photos below demonstrate the netting function.

Zipper access to netting located on top of the Bug Hat. Unzip, pull out and down.

Netting completely covers the hat, face and neck for maximum protection and concealment. Great for the whole family.

Altus also has baseball style hats available with similar functionality.  Check out their website (see link below) for additional products they offer.

Specifications as Tested

  •     Sizes available: small/medium or large/x-large
  •     Finish/Camo Pattern:  Realtree Advantage Timber or Natural Gear camo
  •     Retail Price:   $24.99
  •     Warranty:   N/A

To see the full line of their products, visit the website: Altus Brands Bug Hat


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