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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Field Evaluation - GhostBlind
By Keith Dunlap - Field Evaluator
Mar 13, 2010 - 1:44:03 PM

Chet Burdette and Kevin Pottmeyer are the co-founders of GhostBlind™ Industries Inc and are the inventors of the GhostBlind.  Chet has 55 years of extensive hunting experience and was in Special Forces. Chet was the originator of the GhostBlind concept. After years of sitting in cold, uncomfortable tree stands he knew there had to be a better way. Kevin has much experience in engineering, designing and marketing new products so Chet and Kevin made their first prototype several years ago to verify that the concept was valid.  Since that time they have spent much effort on trying to perfect the GhostBlind by making it durable and lightweight.   (For more go to: GhostBlind Industries, Inc.)

Hunters have used various concealment methods to hide themselves from their quarry while hunting.  Traditional methods include tree stands, fabric ground blinds, box blinds, elevated box blinds and natural blinds.  Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Tree stands and conventional ground blinds definitely have their advantages and should be used when appropriate. The GhostBlind can be used when the other methods are not reasonable for the hunting circumstances. Many factors were considered when the GhostBlind was designed.  These include: portability; instant setup and hunting; invisibility; comfort; and safety.  GhostBlind Industries currently offers two GhostBlind models: the GhostBlind Predator (4 panel blind); and The GhostBlind Phantom (2 panel blind).

Initial Inspection:
The product I evaluated, the GhostBlind Predator 4 panel blind, arrived in good condition.  Included in the package was the GhostBlind, padded shoulder harness, instructions for setup and use, tie downs and stakes to be used during windy conditions.  Upon initial inspection, I found no visible defects in the finish or craftsmanship of the product.  A clear removable film fully protected the mirror finish on one side of the GhostBlind.  The overall quality of the GhostBlind was very good and I found no defects.

The GhostBlind Predator 4-panel blind.

The GhostBlind Predator includes four hinged panels, with three shoot-through ports so you can shoot in the seated position.  The Predator measures 102" wide by 46" high when set up, providing the hunter with about 160 degrees of concealment.  Its lightweight design (weighing just 22 lbs.) makes it easy to carry with the "Total Gear Carry System™".  The rear of the blind (hunter side) is laminated with camouflage vinyl. The GhostBlind includes pre-installed straps and hardware to attach all of your gear including your existing back pack, hunting chair, etc.  The GhostBlind also includes cord and tent stakes for easy tie down in windy conditions.

The way the front mirrored panels of the blind work…they are reflective mirror panels designed to eliminate sun reflections.  The panels are lightweight and flexible and are made of high impact material with a protective barrier to extend the life of the GhostBlind.  The shoot-through ports enable you to hunt from a seated position using a gun, bow or crossbow.  You don't have to climb a tree and you don't have to brush in like some blinds require.

The Total Gear Carry System enables you to carry your hunting gear along with the GhostBlind.  You can hang a hunting chair, backpack, heater, rattling antlers, and other items on the rear of the GhostBlind.  This makes quick work of getting to and from your hunting spot, or relocating during the hunt if necessary.  

The "Total Gear Carry System" is a convenient feature.

I proceeded to test the GhostBlind Predator in the field.  Setup took less than a minute once I found my hunting spot…add about three more minutes for setup if you use the cord and stakes to tie the blind down to prevent blow-over.  The first thing I wanted to check out was whether the sun made a glare from the mirrored panels when the blind faced the sun at various angles.  There were no glares from the sun despite the angle the GhostBlind faced the sun.  This is because the design is such that the panels are angled outward from the bottom up.  This would force any glare to direct toward the ground and not outward toward your quarry (see figure 3 below).

Design prevents glare from the sun.

Another noteworthy feature of the GhostBlind is that there are slots cut out of each panel to allow the hunter to view out without being seen, or having to look through the shoot-through ports.  You can see these in the photos above.  I found that I had good visibility during my hunt and that I was fully concealed to any animals approaching.  You need to use a hunting chair that is low to the ground to prevent your head from sticking out above the 46" high panels, but I was comfortable nonetheless.

During one of my hunts, I had three whitetail does come out into a field not more than 50 yards from where I sat behind the GhostBlind.  Now, the wind was right and that is always critical to success, but I was impressed that the does never knew I was there the entire time they were grazing.  That's enough evidence to make me a believer.

No matter what the terrain, GhostBlind blends in.

One of the most important features of the GhostBlind is that it adapts to whatever terrain you use it with.  Check out a few of these photos and you can see that you can use this blind anywhere, and it will reflect the surroundings back to the animal you are hunting.  There are more photos available on the GhostBlind website; you really have to check them out.  This feature is unique and that is what makes this blind special and different from any other blind or concealment method you will use.

Like I said…no matter what the terrain.

Conclusion:  Two thumbs up!  I was skeptical at first when I received the GhostBlind because I had never used a product like this.  However, it did not take long to become a convert.  The GhostBlind backpacks comfortably to your spot and setup is quick and convenient.  I will always use a treestand for my bowhunting experience, because human nature is very hard to change…but I will now use the GhostBlind for ground hunting situations where I like to quickly change spots during the hunt.

Specifications as Tested:
  •     Overall size: 102" wide x 46" high when set up
  •     Weight: 22 lbs.   
  •     Finish/Camo Pattern - front side: Adaptive Camouflage System™  
  •     Finish/Camo Pattern - back (hunter) side: RealTree Hardwoods®
  •     Retail Price:  $299
  •     Warranty: 90 days limited (also has a 10 day return policy)

:  Fully adaptable to any setting, gear carrying system, portable, padded   shoulder straps
Cons:  Mirrored finish requires some care not to damage.

For more go to: GhostBlind Industries, Inc. 

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