Keith Dunlap
Field Evaluation - Phoenix Quiver by Bohning
By Keith Dunlap - Senior Field Evaluator
Dec 4, 2009 - 5:16:55 AM

Rollin Bohning, a chemist, started the Bohning Company Limited in 1946 after retiring from one of the automotive companies in Detroit. Bohning investigated and created new products to solve every day problems. Most of these products were for his personal use; however, one of his investigations led to the founding of the Bohning Company. As an avid archer, Bohning found a lack of suitable adhesives for the rudimentary equipment of his day. Putting his chemical background to work, he developed several specialized adhesives, hot melts, paints and waxes for his own needs. As others used his product they recommended he market them for the benefit of the entire sport. Many of these products are standards in the archery industry today. This was the start of the Bohning Company.

Bohning offers many archery accessories including, adhesives, arrow-wraps, vanes, nocks, string, quivers and more. Bohning sent their Phoenix two-piece quiver to me for evaluation, and I was eager to give it a try.

Initial Inspection:
When I opened the package from Bohning and removed the Phoenix quiver, I found no visible defects in workmanship or finish.  The quality was excellent and I found nothing noteworthy of exception.  All components were included and assembly was easy.  It took about 5 minutes to install it on my BowTech Tribute.

Bohning designed the Phoenix quiver with functionality as their goal.  Each swing arm has a full 360 degrees of rotation at two points. The Phoenix features five (5) inches of vertical adjustment on the "silent slide clip."  This quiver also provides the security of a two piece, utilizing three rubber retainers that hold up to five (5) arrow shafts securely in place, while providing the functionality of a single-piece removable quiver. Unique to the Bohning Phoenix quiver, the stepped hood design separates the arrow fletchings and accommodates any style broadhead.

The Phoenix quiver is available in five camouflage patterns, including: MossyOak Break-Up, MossyOak Treestand, RealTree APG, RealTree HD Green, Mathews Lost Camo and for 2010 they will be adding Next G-1 VISTA camo.  The one I received was in RealTree HD Green.

The Phoenix in RealTree HD Green.

I evaluated the Phoenix two-piece quiver for design and function.  I mounted the quiver on my BowTech Tribute in a matter of minutes using an Allen wrench set, /two screws and it was installed.  I adjusted the quiver brackets to the angle I like and tightened the two knob screws located on the mounting brackets.  I then inserted five arrows with field tips, followed by five arrows with three-blade fixed broadheads, and then five arrows with mechanical broadheads.  I did this to test the ability of the Phoenix quiver to hold each of the three types of tips in place.  All of the arrows stayed securely in place and the heads were fully concealed and protected in the quiver.  There was ample space between the fixed heads when all five arrows were in place in the hood of the quiver.  Inside of the hood of the quiver is a rubber liner that appears to be replaceable if ever it becomes necessary.  This rubber liner fully conceals the head of each arrow and as I mentioned earlier, the stepped design of the hood is such that it keeps the fletchings from rubbing together when the arrows are inserted into the quiver (see Figure 2). The rubber hood insert and the three rubber arrow holders act as vibration-dampening components on the quiver.

The Phoenix two-piece quiver detaches from its base by flexing "silent slide clip" on the base, and removing the quiver.

The next part of my evaluation of the Phoenix two-piece quiver was to consider the functionality in hunting situations.  I tested this by climbing into my stand with the Phoenix quiver mounted to my Tribute.  I had five arrows with mechanical broadheads inserted in the quiver for testing purposes.  For the first test, I began to hoist the bow up, and then intentionally dropped it (only a few feet) to determine how well the arrows would stay in the Phoenix quiver, the arrows held in place each time I performed this test.  I then hoisted my Tribute up and proceeded to detach the quiver from my bow, and hang the quiver on a hook in the tree.  I like to practice and hunt with my quiver detached from my bow, so this is an important feature to me.  The detachment was simple and very quiet using the "silent slide clip" on the top section of the quiver, and there were sufficient "holes" the body of the quiver to easily hang it on a hook next to my stand.  I was satisfied that I could remove and hang the Phoenix quiver quietly and easily during hunting situations.

The Phoenix fully conceals any broadhead.

Next, I proceeded to remove arrows one at a time and load them onto my string and rest to simulate a hunting situation.  I was able to extract and re-insert each arrow quietly.  I then attached the quiver loaded with five arrows, to my Tribute once again and I proceeded to shoot my bow to evaluate the noise level of the Phoenix quiver.  For comparison purposes, I shot arrows with the quiver attached and without the quiver attached to my bow.  I did not use a decibel meter to evaluate the quiver for noise, and so this was a subjective test at best.  I noticed only a slight increase in vibration and noise with the quiver attached, but this should be expected under normal situations.  As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to hunt with my quiver hanging next to me rather than attached to the bow, so slight increases in vibration are not a deal-breaker for me.

Specifications as Tested:

  •     Qty of arrows:  holds 5 arrows
  •     Body of quiver: molded plastic
  •     Hood: molded plastic with rubber liner
  •     Arrow holders: rubber
  •     Fits all bows with AMO sight holes
  •     Finish: RealTree HD Green:
  •     Suggested Retail Price:  $81.99


he Phoenix quiver by Bohning gets a thumbs-up from me.  I like the quiver and the fact that it is lighter in weight than some quivers on the market today.  It holds and protects five arrows securely and detaches easily from my bow.

Pros:   quick detach, holds five arrows, stepped hood design

Cons:   higher price point than some quivers

For more go to:  Bohning Archery 

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