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Last Light Buck
By Wade Nolan
Jan 11, 2007, 06:37

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I was hunting behind my house on a 300 acre parcel that we manage for quality bucks. Over a clover field, just in front of my favorite stand, I had set-up a mock scrape with 24/Seven Early Buck time release granules. I had started the scrape in September and it lit up almost instantly. A buck that was visiting the clover field was also visiting the homemade scrape. I daydreamed that he would be the same eight point buck I had seen crossing the road 3 weeks before who was in velvet. I was set up 20 yards in the woods on the North-East corner and had high expectations.

The evening got long and my optimism began to wane after the shadows crept into the field. I was loosing "shooting light" fast. Then I heard some of the potato chip leaves crunching behind me. It was him. He walked directly under me and into the scrape. I came to full draw and began searching for the hole in my peep. I could see him fine.

He had 8 points with 10 inch G-Twos. I couldn't see through the peep! I was still at full draw searching for my sight picture 40 seconds later….when the window closed. The buck turned and walked directly away. I never saw him again.

If you have done any bowhunting at all you have learned one fact. Bucks move at first and last light. This is how it is with bucks…we can't change them. What we can do is make sure that we meet them with a plan.

Have you ever been "peeped"? That wasn't my first time "peeped" but it may be my last. This peep issue has been solved by two bowhunting engineers from Michigan. Kirt Walbrink and Mitch Weener work in the industrial complex of the Detroit auto world. They are familiar with 2007 technology and supply some of the big guys in Detroit with finely machined parts. These two are not crowd followers and they solve engineering problems daily. Recently they turned their joint expertise toward their passion…bowhunting.

Before long they were experimenting with a peepless bow sight that solved the inherent problems of low light hunting. The result is a dynamite new concept, a bow sighting system that uses the technology of a front and rear sight. And hunters are quickly discovering the benefits of this low light sight. Their sales are sky rocketing.  I recently spoke with bowhunter Ron McClain of Grand Rapids, who knows first hand how effective the Triad Sight is.

The new Triad Bow Sight with Adjustment Trigger.

Ron was on an annual whitetail hunt near Lansing on a friend's farm. Joel Siemens, the landowner, had stepped it up a bit with a QDMA program to grow better bucks… and it raised the optimism level on his property. They were on a short time budget like us all, so Joel helped with the speed scouting for the 2 day hunt.

They discovered a rub line along the western wood lot that terminated at 3 traditional Scent Post rubs that were as big as your arm. The rubs were joined at an intersection of two fields with a scrape line. This would be the spot. Ron made a mock scrape at 20 yards and set up his treestand.  His thirteen year old son Brecken was in the tree with him the first evening.

They sat until last light and had already lowered their bows when a deer materialized out of the woods. It was too dark to tell if it was a buck but it was alone and did fit the profile they had hoped for…just too late. Shooting hours had passed so they waited until the deer left and snuck out in the darkness.  

Next morning Ron found himself in the same tree but without his son who had decided to sleep in. Soon after first light a buck walked along the scrape line like he owned it. Ron soon determined that he was a "QDMA" shooter.

The buck walked through the first shooting lane at 45 yds and Ron moved his Triad adjustable pin to 45…then at 35 yards he walked into the second shooting lane. Then the buck stopped and Ron adjusted the Triad Sight, while at full draw, from 45 to 35 with his index finger. The distance was actually 34 yds. He lined the 3 dots up and picked out a hair. The buck didn't even know he had been shot. He walked off and 8-seconds later Ron thought he heard a crash. An hour later Ron and Brecken took up the trail. Brecken spotted him first. A memory had been made.

Ron knew that this bucks habits put him at the scrape at low shooting he set his bow up with the awesome Kingsway Triad sight and met him at the scrape. By not having to rely on an "unreliable peep" Ron was able pick a spot and score.

Ron McClain is not a gimmick guy. A seasoned bowhunter he knows what makes you effective in the woods and what will burden you. Ron had something to say about the sight he used…The adjustable Triad Sight from Kingsway Archery.

"Its light on the bow and not clunky" Ron said, "I prefer well engineered archery accessories…not everything out there rings of quality like this Kingsway sight".

"I believe that this sight will make good hunters better", Ron said. "The front and back sight automatically lines up much easier than a peep…which gives you an edge in low light, plus the Triad Sight eliminated the "cant" issue, Ron commented. Ron went on to say, "With the 3 pin system I can acquire the sight picture instantly, and those seconds…especially under low light, are critical.
I recently put a Kingsway Triad Sight on my Code Bow and within 20 shots I was sold. Why did it take so long for someone to design a functional sight that aims like a rifle and solves the peep problem? I'll never be "Peeped" again!

Never be "Peeped" again with Kingsway
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