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An Open Letter to Mr. Ed Bangs
By Mr. Billy Hill
Jul 8, 2010 - 6:00:03 AM

Mr. Ed Bangs
Coordinator, USFWS
Wolf  Recovery Project

Dear Mr. Bangs

I would like to go on record as being nauseous after assessing evidence of the disastrous effects of your wolf reintroduction program.  The obvious negative effects and life altering changes to value of human life in the west is depressing.  After decades of peace of mind from observing abundant wildlife from the window on my house you and your bloodletting agents have left me staring out at nothing.  I am overwhelmed that one man has the authority to devastate such a large herd of god's creatures.  You should be proud of such a complete annihilation of such a beautiful species of life sustaining animals.  You and your wolf program have left me no reason to rejoice in the season of renewal.  There is nothing left but bone piles.

I am of Native American ancestry and feel I am seeing the federal government on a modern day buffalo extermination effort to prepare a people for government domination and transport to a far away reservation.  You may say that is absurd in today's world but I would say to you that it is also absurd that anyone would not rise up and resist any government attempting to totally eliminate its peoples food source.  The cultural values placed on the elk in our mountains have been ignored by an overzealous and insensitive govt. policy. 

I recall as a child the memories of the first load of introduced elk from Yellowstone Park being released in my mother's front yard.  That wonderful day has been a national holiday for my people since 1961.  With the deep sorrow and heartbreak felt when observing your wolves totally eradicate a valuable species of game animal.  I wonder how long the people are going to stay calm.  Your agency's display of total disrespect for the people and animals of Montana is fueling a mutual feeling for you and your agency.  I believe before the people of the west allow you and your blood covered assassins to finally eliminate the last game animals that you will see a resistance of untold proportions.  Time is running out to save the deer and elk and you can do nothing to stop the destructive program you started.

With these observations in mind, I would like you to furnish me with some information that I feel I am entitled to know.

1    Is it true that the people of Montana own all game animals in the state?

2    Does an animal on the endangered or threatened list belong to govt. management?

3    Under what authority does the govt. run predators on private property?

4    Under what authority does the govt. introduce a destructive predator to eliminate the wildlife owned by the people of the state?

5    Did someone in the state of Montana give authority to the govt. to introduce the wolves into the state against the wishes of the people of Montana?

6    U.S. Supreme court decision of Printz vs. U.S. states that the govt. has no authority or power to dictate any policy to the states.  Where is the authority for the wolf introduction?

7    Decades of investment of sportsman's dollars were necessary to raise the number of game animals in our area to make our hunting the best in the nation.  What amount of investment did the U.S. govt. have in our high number of wildlife before the wolf plant?

8    What compensation does the U.S. govt. intend to make to the states for all the valuable animals your wolves are eliminating?  The high value of sportsmen dollars invested over decades is wiped out by your outrageous program.

9    Where does the funding come from for the required law enforcement for your wolf program?  Does Montana sportsmen license money also pay for enforcement of your govt. wolf program?

10    Are violations of your wolf program prosecuted in Montana courts or in federal court?

11    If a legal agreement to introduce the wolves to Montana is on record, could you please furnish me with a copy?  If no agreement exists, please let me know.

12    Anyone can shoot a private owned dog threatening a game animal in Montana.  What is the difference in which canine takes the last animal in Montana?

13    If it is proven that no authority exists for your govt. wolf plan, is there a plan to eradicate these valueless scavengers from the Montana forests?

14    Have there been any legal contests to the wolf introduction plan to date?  If so, please furnish me with court documentation of resolution.

15    Has any court order been issued for the govt. to cease introduction of any more wolves?

16    Does the govt. intend to place a bounty on wolves in the states to balance the number of wolves to wildlife to allow the game animals to survive the extremely high number of predators?

17    If no legal authority for wolves in Montana is determined then a deadline should be established for the govt. to eliminate or eradicate the last bloodsucking predator from our forests.  The govt. should bear all cost of this effort.  Any wolf observed after a set deadline would establish govt. liability to a severe fine and dismissal of all negligent federal employees.

18    What disease control efforts are being implemented to protect private owned canines from wolf related infections?

19    Wolves have been killed on the Salish Kootenai reservation in northwest Montana without consequences.  Is this because there is no agreement with the tribe to allow the wolf to freely feast on their game animals?  There is no confusion on the reservation as to the worthless status of any predator that threatens the number of game animals on their lands.  These people learned about govt. betrayal with the buffalo.  They will not fall for any more govt. programs such as spoiled food.

20    What media initiatives are being used to update the Montana public of the critical situation of our game animals being swiftly wiped out?  Or is the media being used to calm the public while the game is being slaughtered by printing an altered picture of the facts in the woods?

Your immediate response to these important questions is appreciated.

                        Thank you
                        Billy Hill
                        Trout Creek, Montana  59874


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