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MDR 24/7 Scents – The New Technology
By Wade P. Nolan
May 31, 2006, 06:20

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            It’s been a long time since there has been a new functional strategy in the scent industry. Think about it. We have taken liquid scent and poured it out on the ground and watched it disappear. Not only has it disappeared when it leached into the dirt but its effectiveness is virtually eliminated. Then we tried dripping it all over our hands and into a scrape. Most often it drips too fast and has disappeared into the dirt in a few hours. We have even tried to aerosol it into the air by using a pump or a propellant. The wind whisks it away from our treestand location and we wonder why we did it.


            What we have always needed is a system where the scent is captured above ground so it can attract deer 24/7. Even set up patterns of deer movement where we want them…near our stand. 24/7 scent granules are the answer. The scent granules are packed with scent and they hold it and release it a little at a time…naturally.


            The science behind 24/7 is the secret. The scent is TIME-RELEASED. Now the scent can work long after your human scent has dissipated. And now you have a scrape that smells like an uninvited neighboring buck. How long will the 24/7 scent granules “keep on smelling”? Our research has shown up to 5 days and probably longer.

With the technology behind 24/7 TIME-RELEASE scent granules you don’t have to walk over to that scrape every day and pour doe-pee onto the ground, while leaving even more human scent behind. You doctor the scrape on Wednesday and hunt it all weekend. 24/7 isn’t another gimmick…it’s science.

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