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Tiffany Lakosky - Breaking the Mold
By Lisa Metheny
Mar 29, 2006, 06:21

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Tiffany Lakosky

"I would like to nominate Tiffany Lakosky for Featured Woman Bowhunter. After meeting Tiffany, I quickly realized that she is passionate about her sport and wants to share it with others. Tiffany offers encouragement with a smile to other women who are interested in bowhunting. She is just the type of role model the world of bowhunting needs". ~Lisa Metheny, Pro Staff WomenHunters

Tiffany Lakosky is a name that most people in the bowhunting world have heard of. If not, you will before the year is over. Don’t let her petite stature or her pretty face and friendly smile distract you. While Tiffany may only stand 5’2", she proves that size really does not matter much. Tiffany has harvested more trophies than most men twice her size, and has the mounts on the wall and the kills on film to prove that she knows what she is doing.

As a child Tiffany enjoyed fishing with her father but was not introduced to archery or bowhunting until after she started dating her husband Lee. She started bowhunting six short years ago and has made a name for herself in those few short years. Tiffany got her start in archery with the help of Lee. Lee worked at a local archery shop and simply asked the question "would you like to try shooting a bow?" Her answer was an interested YES! Tiffany like a lot of women had a shorter draw length and therefore a bow had to be special ordered for her. Waiting the six or seven weeks required for the bow to arrive, was difficult for Tiffany but the wait was worth it. Tiffany took to shooting the bow like a duck takes to water. Soon it was time for the next step and that step was hunting. Again, along with Lee’s guidance Tiffany was introduced to the sport of bowhunting. Tiffany successfully harvested a buck her first day out. She was instantly hooked, Tiffany credits her early success and enjoyment of archery to Lee of course and also acknowledges that she was fortunate to be surrounded and taught by some of Minnesota’s best shooters. Getting started on the right foot with the proper fitting equipment is an important factor to someone’s success. Tiffany feels that with the right equipment and practice and confidence you can do just about anything. She proved that by shooting a buck last year at forty-one yards.

Her greatest enjoyment comes from simply sharing the love of bowhunting and the outdoors with her new husband. "Spending time with Lee, is the greatest reward, we get to do everything together and are seldom apart" says Tiffany. As an airline attendant Tiffany travel all over the United States, but Iowa is now called home. Together they devote almost all of their time to preparing food plots, hanging stands, shed hunting and filming and hunting together in addition to preparing for their new hunting show.

Except for her first two bucks killed, all of her harvests have been caught on film. One of her favorite hunting memories is the one when Tiffany and her best girlfriend Kandi Kisky shot a big buck on the Kisky farm. Tiffany tells the story that her and Lee where coming down from Kansas and hadn’t’ seen anything all week. Their good friends Don and Kandi Kisky had already tagged out. So Kandi and Tiffany decided to go out hunting together while the guys went another direction. A monster of a buck came in and presented Tiffany with a shot. She took it and the buck went down within a few yards. It was the first time that Tiffany had not hunted with Lee. This is maybe the first time in history that one woman has filmed another woman harvesting a buck on film. Needless to say, leave it to the girls to have some fun and prove that they can do anything that boys can do. This was Tiffany’s largest deer to date, the incredible 175 inch drop tine buck. Together the two women captured one of the most awesome hunts on film to date and this hunt with be on Whitetail Extreme 5, as well as be on her upcoming television show "Getting Close with Lee and Tiffany."

One of the most difficult things in hunting for Tiffany is finding equipment and gear to fit. Finding clothing, boots and equipment that fits and is the same quality that male hunters wear or use is certainly a challenge for Tiffany and hundreds of other women who hunt. But she can also see that their have been improvements in the last few years and hopefully improvements will continue, for example Scent Lok ® one of the sponsors of the show is coming out with a woman’s line of clothing.

Her and husband Lee have an exciting show coming out the third quarter called "Gettin Close with Lee and Tiffany" on the Outdoor channel. The show will take a closer look at what all it takes to get closer to the game we are all in pursuit of. Such as planting food plots, hanging stands and of course covering your scent, all while focusing on this great bowhunting couple.

To date Tiffany has harvested four bears and ten bucks with seven of those bucks meeting Pope and Young requirements all these with her bow. Tiffany also enjoys other types of hunting and has harvested a moose and a couple of caribou with her muzzleloader along with several turkeys. Tiffany’s one major goal she hopes to achieve this season is to take her first turkey with a bow.

Tiffany feels that is important to promote a positive image for other women that are interested in hunting and especially in bowhunting. Tiffany’s message to other women is simple: "You can do it; you will mess up, but don’t give up. If it is something you enjoy, keep at it. Find equipment that fits you and go for it."

No doubt, Tiffany Lakosky is just scratching the surface of the world of bowhunting. It is certain that there are many exciting moments ahead for both her and Lee in the woods. Lucky for all of us, with the start of their new show we get to go along and share in her successes. Look for Tiffany and Lee this season on the Outdoor Channel’s newest show "Getting Close with Lee and Tiffany."
*Reprinted from WomenBowhunters


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