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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Video Review - Outdoor Adventures
By Lisa Metheny
Feb 7, 2007, 11:10

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We have all heard the saying, "Teach your kids to hunt and you won't have to hunt for your kids"; most of us avid hunters have practiced this saying in our own families.   Bowhunting North America's James and Donna Ferguson have indeed given their children valuable lessons on hunting and offer the viewer some great hunts that include the younger Ferguson's.  

This new offering from Bowhunting North America features nineteen  hunts with over 80 minutes of exciting action. But what makes this one different from others on the market and a must have for every arm chair hunter, is the unique approach that the Ferguson's take.   There are very few videos out there that show an entire family hunting.  Some may have a father and son or a father and daughter hunt, or perhaps a husband and wife.  But this DVD offers a  hunt from each member of the Ferguson family as they hunt across Texas from the Brazos to the banks of the Rio Grande River for hogs, javelina, whitetails and turkeys all, with a stick and string and a smile.

 I found the opening credits refreshing too as they are  dedicated to the Law Enforcement community for their dedication and for putting their lives on the line to protect us all.  Then the show kicks off with some great bowhunting.   The Ferguson's prove that keeping it 'All in the family' is a way of life in the home and out in the field hunting.   Ferguson and his darling little girl Morgan stalk a nice feral hog along a watering hole and we get to watch as the littlest hunter takes a crossbow in pursuit of her first hog.  This hunt features a tiny little Morgan making an awesome shoot on a super feral hog.   This is Morgan's first harvest and what a harvest it is. 

Talk about getting your kids started on the right foot, the Ferguson's also show son Michael's archery harvest of a very nice feral hog with Michael's Mathews bow.  Not many kids have their first hunts filmed and in the archives forever, but the Ferguson children do.   There is no doubt that they have coached their kids in the proper , ethical way and will certainly make an impact in their lives as they continue to grow into even more accomplished hunters.

We watched Donna Ferguson take her first whitetail buck with a bow and were curious to see if Donna would take the bigger whitetail or turkey with her bow than her husband James.   You can see that for  yourself.

There is some awesome turkey hunting from veteran bowhunter John Shelley from Brazos Outfitters as he calls in numerous turkeys within bow range.  John also finds a little luck while hunting hogs from his Double Bull Blind and then Shelley goes after a huge hog with his Mathews  bow.  

    This DVD offers various styles of hunting such as spot and stalk, ground blind hunting and treestand hunting.  Various species such as javelina, hog and whitetail are taken with compound and crossbows in the tough Texas country.   Every video library needs a copy of this DVD to add to their collection.   Truly teaching and practicing the old saying of "Keeping it all in the family",  this video gets a thumbs up for keeping it basic while offering a glimpse into a great family that hunts together.

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