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MyTopo Intros New Map Center
By Paige Darden
Feb 15, 2006, 17:42

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Overlay Your Own GPS Information on Large-Format Maps, a popular website for ordering custom-centered waterproof topo and aerial photo maps, today announced that its customers can now upload GPS data online, preview it on their screens as an overlay on a topo or aerial base, and then order large-format prints of their fully customized maps.’s new GPS Map Design Center ™ will give everyone with a GPS device the ability to publish custom maps, without the need to purchase expensive mapping software and plotters.  The company has decided that it will not charge customers extra to overlay data; the price will remain $9.95 to $29.95 per map, depending on the size of the map ordered.  (Bulk order pricing available.)

“This is a technical breakthrough we have been working towards for many years,” said Kevin Toohill, founder and chief technology officer of  “It has been a long-time goal of ours to allow anyone with a GPS device or who knows specific GPS coordinates to overlay that data on a custom-centered United States Geological Survey (USGS)  topo or aerial map.”

The company believes the GPS Map Design Center ™ will be useful for people who have collected GPS data and would like to have that information displayed on a large map.  MyTopo currently offers three map size options: its small maps, which measure 18” x 24”; the traditional 24” x 36” size; and a large wall map, which measures 36” x 44”.  Customers can center their maps any place in the United States, precisely over their property, hunting camp, or recreational area; choose the scale of the map; and the paper the map will be printed on (waterproof, glossy or laminated).  Customers can also choose to give the map a unique title and have their name and/or logo printed on it.

“Our vision is to empower people who are the leading edge enthusiast in their field, whether it be as big game hunters or backcountry hikers, fishermen, or the more niche areas like balloonists, geocachers, geologists, you name it;  to go out and collect GPS data that they can then publish on a high quality topo or aerial base map to give or resell to others,” said Toohill.  “We also think this service will be valuable to professionals who need GPS data on maps but do not want to spend time learning to use mapping software and plotters.  I have talked with  people who use maps to site cell towers, develop real estate, lawyers who use GPS data to map out crime scenes and even military group leaders who use topo maps and aerial photo maps for training purposes who are excited about the service.  We think we’ll see the Center being used by these folks as well as people like adventure race course designers and directors, scout leaders, outfitters and guides, search and rescue coordinators and anyone who needs to point out specific geographic features on a geo-referenced map for others to use.”

The GPS Map Design Center will be developed in stages.  This past weekend it went live for users of Trimble’s  Outdoor Navigator software, which is sold as a companion to Garmin and Magellan GPS devices and Nextel Phone/GPS users.  This robust software allows users to plan trips, record text, upload photos and upload and download GPS data into trip diaries.  Users of this software have an option to print a large-format map via’s GPS Map Design Center that has their waypoints, trails and tracks overlaid on a high quality USGS-based topo map.

The Center is also available now to anyone who has Topografix free or pro version software that converts their GPS information into the .GPX file format.  .GPX files can then be uploaded to the GPS Map Design Center for overlay on a topo or aerial base map.  Maps made via Garmin’s Mapsend software and then converted into the .gpx file format can also be uploaded the GPS Map Design Center.

Customers will eventually be able to use the Center by simply typing in GPS coordinates they would like displayed on their maps, but this functionality has not yet been added.

The GPS Map Design Center is easy to use.  To make a gps map, go to, and follow these steps:

1)  Type in the location nearest to the area you would like to be the center of your map, and when the search engines finds it, click on it to pull it up on the screen.

Step 2)  Center your map, choose whether you would like the base map to be a topo or aerial photo, and choose the scale of the map

Step 3)  Upload a .gpx file and click to preview the map, recenter if necessary

Step 4)  Title Your Map

Step 5)  Choose the map’s size and paper, and proceed to checkout! began allowing people to make custom-centered topographic maps online in 1999.  The company has since added aerial photo maps, several map sizes, new scale and grid choices, and “has made the process to order maps nearly foolproof,” according to company officials.   

For more information about, visit or call 1-877-587-9004., is owned by a privately held company, AO Hunt, LLC, which also owns, an award-winning subscription-based mapping software that allows users to annotate, print and save unlimited topo maps and aerial photos.


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