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New North Starr Tree Cat Climbing Stand
By Rich Walton
Dec 12, 2005, 06:05

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Bill Goodwin, President of North Starr Treestand proudly introduced the first climbing treestands that can be adjusted for tree diameter, while climbing!


Said Goodwin, “The ‘Tree Cat’ Archer™ and ‘Tree Cat’ Hunter™ have a wide array of important features, such as the Folding V™ front brace, our unique, patented Pop In™ fastening system that allows you to set up even in the dark and our Tree Gripper Belts™ and spring loaded Auto Cams™ that automatically grip when released to tightly secure the belt for a greater hold on the tree. But, our most important feature, one never before offered in a climbing stand, is our patented ‘Bungee Cord, Automatic Base Adjustment’. This advanced design lets the climber safely and easily adjust the stand level as the tree diameter decreases during the climb. This one, very important feature ensures the proper level of the stand for increased safety and security.”

Goodwin continued, “Add in our Bear Trap™ stabilizing/securing system that lets the hunter quickly secure the stand at any time during the climb, and our Tree Gripper Feet™ that self-center and keep 4-point contact with the tree and will not slip, even when the tree diameter changes or the tree is wet and slippery, and it’s easy to see why we are so excited about these stands.”

The ‘Tree Cat’ Archer and Hunter are strong, comfortable climbers that will fit all trees 6” to 22” in diameter.  Both are made of aircraft aluminum weighing only 19 lbs with a base of 18”x34” and a 22” wide seat. With no bolts or pins to lose or mess with, assembly is easy plus both fold flat for comfortable backpacking. Padded backpack straps with chest connector are included. Optional Bow Holder, Foot Rest and Shooting Rail are also available.


Safer and easier climbing means this year you’ll climb with confidence with a ‘Tree Cat’.

For more information see your local North Starr dealer or contact:


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