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New Pro Ears Plus For the Sportsman
By Rich Walton
Mar 24, 2006, 04:02

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RidgeLine, Inc of Westcliffe, CO has, since its inception, led the way in modern Hearing Protection/Amplification Product technology.  In 2006 this innovative company once again breaks the norm with the introduction of their new Dimension Plus and Predator Plus Sports Series. (Web Site: PRO EARS FOR HUNTERS)

"The Dimension Plus Series is the most sophisticated electronic hearing protection and amplification system every offered." Announced Dan Nigro President of RidgeLine. "The new PLUS series builds on the tremendous advancements of the Dimension Series, the only products that offer advanced DLSC™ Technology that protects the user from hearing damaging noise levels yet, simultaneously allows the user to hear other softer, less audible sounds without interruption."

Doug Crabtree knows the value of hearing turkey before he sees them.

“The new PLUS models also offer are our new ProForm Leather™ Ear Seals  and ProTen™ Padded Headband. The ProForm Seals are not only the most comfortable ever made for muff style headsets but they also conform more completely around the ears, even while wearing glasses, for the tightest noise elimination seal.”

“The ProTen headbands are made of a new incredibly strong, resilient material that is better at shape retaining memory than anything we have tested to date.”

Nigro continued, “When added to the USA made electronics and superior audiophile sound quality, ease of use, long battery life, increased performance range and field proven toughness, there is no other electronic hearing protection/amplification system made today that is comparable. Which is why we protect each with the industry’s longest and only 5 Year Warranty.”

The perfect combo for hearing and seeing game.

Offered in various models in Dimension 1 PLUS, Dimension 2
PLUS and Predator Plus. Dimension 2 models also feature Receiver/Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio, CD  or MP3 Player, many FRS radios or electronic Communication/Entertainment Devices using a 3.5 mm ‘mini jack’.

 Only from RidgeLine inc. No cheap foreign made products here, just
quality made, superior technology, industry's longest warranty, MADE IN USA Proud!

For more information please click: PRO EARS FOR HUNTERS


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