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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Still Steamin Working Bucks
By Michael Mayer
Nov 27, 2006, 05:05

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Robinson Outdoor Products, worldwide leader in scent elimination and scent lures for hunters offers Premium Still Steamin.

Premium Still Steamin' lures are bottled in amber glass bottles and wax-sealed to ensure maximum strength, freshness and effectiveness.  Simply put, this is the most effective, pure scent lure available.  

Still Steamin' covers your hunting needs with Doe Estrus Urine, All-Season Urine, Rutting Buck Urine, Rutting Bull Elk Urine, Cow Estrus Urine and Buck Semen Combo.  These scents are available in value 2 ounce bottles also includes a free dip wick.

Still Steamin' received the Best Buy Winner Award for 2005 from Inside Archery, and was voted by retailers as the best buy.

Other Scent Shield Still Steamin' products include Still Steamin' Synthetic deer, Still Steamin' Gels and Dip Wicks.  The Still Steamin' Synthetic deer lures which are nature-identical imitation of the real thing - only better.  Consistent from bottle to bottle and always "fresh", these lures duplicate the attraction ad curiosity scents of musks, gland secretions, and estrus urine, without concern for contamination or breakdown.  Still Steamin' Synthetic is available in Pre-Rut Musk Lure, Buck Rut Gland Lure, Buck Semen and Peak Rut Estrous Doe.  The Still Steamin' Gels successfully combine the very best deer attractant ingredients available, including fresh urine, glad secretions, musks and oils.  These easy to use gels provide greater scent disbursement, higher stability, lower freezing point, less evaporation, and no-mess, no-spill application.  Available in large 2 oz amber bottles, with new easy-squeeze dispenser cap in either Hot Doe Gel or Dominant Buck Gel.  The Dip Wicks are tough fiber wicks made for placing scent exactly where you want it.  Simply dip into your favorite lure or cover scent and place or hang where desired.  Dip Wicks are available in packs of six.  

For more information on the Robinson Outdoor Products line, contact: Michael Mayer, VP of Sales and Marketing, Robinson Outdoors, Inc., 110 N. Park Drive, P.O. Box 18, Cannon Falls, MN 55009-0018.  Phone: (800) 397-1827


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