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Rocky Mt. Snyper XP3 - Monster Results
By Rich Walton
Oct 2, 2005, 17:50

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Rocky Mountain SNYPER XP3 3-Blade Innovation At Its Best 

The original SNYPER Expandable Broadhead from Barrie Archery set new
standards in penetration for expandable style broadheads. Now, for 2005, Barrie has once again led the way in innovation and engineering with the introduction of the new SNYPER XP3.
Snyper XP3 ready to shoot

Open during penetration

Bruce Barrie made the announcement: “The SNYPER 3-Blade is a creative design, with years of development behind it. It combines our Cam Action™ Blade System with three, razor sharp, stainless steel blades and the incredibly durable Devastator Tip™, that is designed to cut on entry and split bone.”

Devastator Tip splits bone

 The blades work independently of each other with their cutting edges facing outward. Because of the patented rearward opening Cam Action™ Blade System each blade is 100% open in it’s cutting position as they enter an animal. This rearward opening design, unlike the standard ‘jackknife’ style, ensures all blades are fully open on entry and will eliminate kick-out or deflection on angled hits.

 The SNYPER XP3 weighs 100 grains and features 3 - .027” Stainless Steel Blades. It is 5/8” closed with an expanded cutting dia. of 1 1/8”. It comes assembled and ready to shoot.

For more information contact your local dealer or:  Snyper XP3


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