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Evaluations : Jon E. Silks
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

By Jon E. Silks
Mar 30, 2006, 15:01

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To Field Evaluations by Jon Silks

Many years ago while visiting the local pro-shop I ran into the owner who was excited to show me a new product. He claimed the little rubber-like gizmo in his hand made a huge difference in his shooting experience. As usual I was a touch skeptical but open minded enough to give them a try. At the time I had no idea that the product in my hand was about to change the whole archery industry – it was of course a set of Limb Savers by Sims Vibration Laboratories. (Weg site: SIMS)

That night we put the Limb Savers on a Darton bow and when I fired the first arrow my jaw hit the floor about as hard as it did when I first shot a Mathews MQ1! The difference was simply amazing.

Recently I was given the opportunity to again evaluate products from Sims Vibration Labs. The items tested were the new Mini S-Coil, X-Press Stabilizer (Mini S-Coil combined with the stem and module from the Modular Stabilizer) and Stabilizer Enhancer.


Mini S-Coil Stabilizer

The Mini S-Coil measures approximately 3.5” from the riser connection to the front end, weighs in at a light 3.6 oz and has a maximum diameter of 1.6”. The Mini’s bigger and very popular brother, the S-Coil, is 4.45” long and weighs 4.9 oz. One of the advertised benefits of the Mini is the ability to keep it attached to your bow while in most bow cases. A small nut at the base of the attachment stud allows the Mini to be secured tightly to your bow. The heart of the Mini is SVL’s patented NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) material, which has been responsible for their impressive success in many industries. *Taken from SVL’s website* - NAVCOM is an elastic, amorphous, rubber-like substance. It has a very low natural frequency that is lower than the audio frequency bandwidth. The peak amplitude at its internal resonant frequency is relatively low and the curve has a sharp fall-off, far lower than the audio frequency bandwidth. This makes it ideal for the purposes of sound deadening, since the effect of energies between the frequencies of 10 and 30,000 hertz is minimal.* NAVCOM is found in products that are employed by the auto, recreation, aerospace, recording studio and consumer electronics industries. The Mini S-Coil is available in black or camo.

Limbsaver Xpress

SVL’s X-Press Stabilizer System employs the same Mini S-Coil as described above with the addition of the stem and one module from Limb Saver’s Modular Stabilizer. When combined they span 6” and weigh 6.71 oz with a max diameter of 1.6”. The X-Press is advertised to fall between the Original S-Coil and the Sims Modular Stabilizer in terms of weight, length and performance. Additional modules can be added as needed. Two flat spots on opposite sides of the stem allow the system to be tightened onto the bow. The modular stabilizer stem, modules and other added items connect through a series of 5/16”-24 studs.

Stabilizer Enhancer

Tipping the scales at a mere 34.9 grams, SVL’s Stabilizer Enhancer is only 1.45” long and has an overall diameter of 1.66”. Two pieces of hardware (included) allow the Enhancer to fit into any 5/16”-24 or ¼”-20 bolt hole or onto a ¼”-20 stud. Together with the NAVCOM material, its shape and use of some of the S-Coil’s technology the 2006 Enhancer significantly reduces shock and vibration over the original Stabilizer Enhancer.


To begin I went over the three SVL products looking for quality craftsmanship, fit and finish. Each piece was visually perfect with no apparent flaws whatsoever. The machined aluminum parts were without any machining marks and the anodized finish was smooth and even. The molding process used to manufacture the NAVCOM portion of these items is such that it produces one identical part after the other. Unless there is a mold problem there is virtually no chance of a defect.

Installation and removal were simple as expected but you have to watch which end of the stud you put into which threaded hole. For instance, if you were to put the end of the stud that has the hex wrench receiver on it into the open end of the stem and it gets stuck you will have a tough time getting it out. However, if you leave that same end out and it connects into the module and it gets stuck you can loosen it with a hex wrench via the thru-hole in the module.

Four bows of different grades and price points were used to test the SVL products. One of these rigs, which is on the lower end of the price point scale, had what I perceived to be a significant amount of string noise. After attaching the Mini S-Coil the change in audible vibration made it obvious that much of the noise was coming from somewhere other than the string. There was a noticeable drop in noise. An even greater reduction in noise and hand shock occurred when the X-Press Stabilizer System was mounted on the same bow. For the length and weight this was certainly my favorite combo. On two of the upper end bows the decrease in hand shock and noise was much less – not because the SVL products weren’t performing but because there just isn’t that much shock and noise to cancel out. These bows are particularly quiet and shock free right out of the box. Still, there was enough benefit to using the X-Press and Mini on these models.

I found the relatively small Stabilizer Enhancer to have the least impact when used on the end of a good stabilizer or stem and module. It does however make a significant difference on the end of a stabilizer that doesn’t perform well. By itself the little Enhancer even registers a reduction in noise and vibration attached directly to the riser of the lower end bows.

Overall, the Limb Saver Products are superb performers and well worth their cost. SVL has gone to great lengths to make their products versatile and affordable. If you are low on cash and your stabilizer isn’t quite doing the job you can go out and purchase a relatively low cost Stabilizer Enhancer that will do wonders for your rig. A few more bucks and you will have yourself a set of limb savers, which are little miracle workers! My favorite stabilizer from Sims is the X-Press with two modules. It is exactly where I want to be in terms of weight, length and performance. It will make a difference on just about any bow and an impressive difference on many bows.

I have one bow in particular, an 04 Darton, which is completely decked out in SVL products and wow - it is a dream to shoot! It is as shock free and quiet as many of the brand new 06 models on the market today. Limb Saver Products are worth every penny – plain and simple.

 Quality: 5 of 5

There were no defects in fit, finish or function.

Value: 5 of 5

Worth every penny!

To see the entire line go to: SIMS


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