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Dead Zone Stabilizer Works
By Ron Stacey
Oct 27, 2005, 06:34

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Dead Zone Lite

Why carry more weight and length in to the woods mile after mile? The new DEAD ZONE LITE Stabilizer at 5 oz. in weight and 5 ˝". in length will stop vibration and shock more effectively than most stabilizers on the market today at twice its weight and length. It is able to do this by combining three state-of-the-art vibration-dampening features.

1. An outer tube made of a strong but lightweight space-age material absorbs sound and vibrations waves.

2. High-density silicone material inside the stabilizer absorbs vibrations as few other materials available today. This material will not leak out nor is it affected by weather or temperature extremes.

3. Includes proven LimbSaver® technology by Sims Laboratory.

DEAD ZONE LITE Stabilizer Black ($28.95) or Universal Camo ($34.95)

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