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StonyBrook Outfitters Stops Scent
By Daniel Hendricks
Aug 9, 2006, 10:38

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Easy to use capsules.
The folks at StonyBrook Outfitters are proud to announce the release of their new product, Scent Eraser Remediation Formula.  This newly developed, non-prescription remediation formula comes in capsule form and is now available exclusively from StonyBrook Outfitters LLC.  Due to extensive research and experimentation by a laboratory development team, this superior Internal Scent Elimination system is now available for non-medical use.
SBO has super-activated this formula and combined it within an oral complex to strip your body of oral, internal, sub-dermal and digestive odors.  By eliminating human odors before they start our product leaves you scent free with results that won't fade before you ever get to your stand.
This unique remedial formula has been specifically adapted for use by the big game hunter.  Being scent free is of the utmost importance when it comes to bagging a trophy animal of any species.  You may only get one chance, so make it count with Scent Eraser Remediation Formula.
For more information about SBO's Scent Eraser Remediation Formula, and our complete line of other fine products designed especially for the serious hunter, please visit our web sites at: StonyBrook Outfitters.

SBO premium hunting products..... Getting you close is our job and we love our work!

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