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Sue Burch Looks at the Venom Peep Sight
By Sue Burch
May 18, 2006, 06:10

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I have been using my Venom Peep Sight now for several years and I have decided that it was time to tell everyone how much I enjoy using it.

Dr. Bill Connelly created the Venom Peep Sight. He is President of Connelly Synergy Systems, LLC, practicing veterinarian and a 4-decade archer. The Venom Peep Sight consists of one Venom Peep, two Everlastomer Tethers, and one Cable Clip. The Venom Peep is what I fell in love with first. Manufactured out of polycarbonate it is molded with a large .30" aperture and is an easy on the eye,  Horizon Blue. It is created to gather light in the pre-dawn and before-sundown conditions. Another great thing about the Peep Sight technology is the Everlastomer Tether and the Cable Clip. Automatically as you draw back your bow, the Venom Peep is rotated into the proper shooting position.

When I take my Mathews Mustang out to shoot some arrows my Venom Peep Sight always aligns perfectly with my Copper John Sight. Being able to see the target through the large opening of the Venom Peep helps me hit where I am aiming and improves my shooting. The Venom Peep Sight is a great sight and I am very happy with mine. I am sure you would be also.

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