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Sullivan's New BowFishing Gear
By Dennis Sullivan
Jul 3, 2006, 06:13

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Sullivan Industries, makers of the popular Innerloc® Broadhead line, has introduced a sterling selection of new products for bowfishing. Sullivan is known for its quality and attention to detail and the bowfishing line up is no exception. Dubbed “H2O™”, the line includes points, arrows and accessories with focus on accuracy and performance.  For more information on the complete line visit ; INNERLOC.

The new Grapple™ Point, for example, flies at a penny-sized diameter for fast penetration and far less plane in the water. After penetration, Grapple™ Points open to an unmatched 2 3/4-inch diameter for more holding power than any competitive point. To further improve the Grapple™ Point, the “blades” ride behind a completely new, patent pending tip, designed to “grab-and-slice” through the scale and flesh with less damage on pass through.

Cleaner penetration translates to much better hold on retrieve. The tip also incorporates a special vibration dampening “insert” that eliminates tip loosening during the hunt. In testing, Grapple™ Points outperform short tipped, lighter heads in penetration and holding power and are fully engaged  after the first 2.5 inches of penetration.

Grapple™ Points match perfectly with new Innerloc® premium bowfishing arrows for a winning combination. H2O™ Innerloc® arrows are manufactured to the straightest tolerances using quality resins. They are available in three varieties. Hybrid MAX™ is a premium composite arrow featuring a fiberglass core bonded to a super tough aluminum wrapped exterior (22/64 dia.).

Glass MAX™ is a versatile, premium grade arrow suitable for all gamefish. (5/16 dia.), and Glow MAX, a glow in the dark arrow for night fishing. All Max arrows easily accept safety slides also available from Innerloc®.

For more information on the complete line visit ;  INNERLOC


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