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Christmas Gifts for the Bowhunter
By Brodie Swisher
Dec 5, 2006, 11:10

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Believe it or not, the holiday season is here once again. What a time of year! Hunting season is in full-swing and there's no better time to be hunting and hanging out with family and friends than the precious days wrapped around Christmas. It is also the time of year we find ourselves scrambling to find that last minute gift. I'll be honest. I love toys.

Sure, I'm nearly 30 years old, but I've yet to outgrow the joy of rippin' new bowhunting gear from its neatly wrapped package. I use to just tell family members to, "just get me hunting gear," but I've since learned that you just can't tell a non-hunter, "get me hunting gear." You must be more specific.  You have to dog-ear catalog pages and circle the item and item number with a big fat highlighter! The following are a few of my picks for some of the year's best gear and gadgets. 

Don't know what to get the hunter on your list? Read on. Want to drop a subtle hint to your spouse or family member as to what you'd like to see wrapped under the tree this year? Leave this magazine article open and exposed for all in the house to see. It could mean the difference in receiving cool hunting tools, or another pack of socks - or underwear.

First up is the Elimitrax boot system. This over-boot system with three height adjustments uses new plastics technology to create a totally odorless barrier between the hunter and environment. Oversized design covers boots while a cinch strap system keeps bulkiness to a minimum. The boots provide 100% protection from wind, water, ticks, chiggers, and burrs.  These suckers have even beaten the nose of bloodhounds in testing of the product. They're absolutely bulletproof when it comes to fooling the nose of wild critters.

StonyBrook Outfitters Scents
Nothing seems to say Merry Christmas like a package full of deer pee! Really, every serious hunter loves to stay stocked with a variety of scent attractors and cover scents. Check out StonyBrook Outfitters' line of products including their new "DNA" Deer Natural Buck or "DNA" Deer Natural Doe, as well as their Scent Eraser line of products. StonyBrook will not only keep you covered, but will help draw that big buck past your stand location.

Magnus Stinger Broadhead
The Stinger broadhead from Magnus is without a doubt one of the deadliest broadheads on the market today. They are as lethal as any blades I've ever shot and offer unbelievable flight. All Stinger broadheads are spin-tested for perfect alignment at the factory. A lot of broadheads claim to shoot as good as field points, but the Stinger truly flies as good - often better - than field point arrows. Magnus Broadheads are the only broadhead with a lifetime guarantee. Check out the 4-blade (with bleeder blades) or the two blade Stingers before your next bowhunt. You won't regret it.

Fall Guy Treestand Safety System
Play it safe this season with the Fall Guy Superior Safety Vest System. It's available in three sizes and comes complete with the harness, vest, and the retractor. Features steel silent coated mating buckles rated for two tons, and harness webbing that is rated to 5,000 pounds. The vest also features a pocket system with ample room for storage. You'll also want to check out the Fall Guy 20' Retractor Unit that allows you to be connected to your tree from the time you arrive at your stand until the time you leave your stand. The Fall Guy system is the only complete treestand safety system on the market.  

The folks at CamTrakker have a new offering with their 6.0 Digital Ranger. This 6.0 Megapixel scouting camera is a heavy-hitter with features like a removable 6.0 megapixel Sony camera, built-in flash, c-cell battery operation, and legendary CamTrakker performance. The unit also includes a built-in LCD for in-field viewing. The CamTrakker is a rugged and dependable scouting camera that will provide years of priceless scouting opportunities.

Arizona EZ Fletch
One of the slickest tools for any bowhunter - and one that every bowhunter should have, is the EZ Fletcher and EZ Fletcher Pro from Arizona Rim Country. This sweet little tool allows you to fletch a dozen arrows in about 30 minutes. The fletcher automatically adjusts to fit any arrow and allows the advanced archer, as well as the rookie, to create the perfect arrows, every time. It is the ideal fletching tool to have with you on your travel hunts when you're in a pinch and need a quick fletching-fix.

Lone Wolf Treestand
For the guy (or gal) that likes to hoof it deep into the wildest of places to hunt deer, the Lone Wolf Alpha Combo treestand offers deer hunters one of the stealthiest climbing stands available today. The Alpha Combo is a full featured stand at just a slim 2.5" packed profile and weighs in at 14.5 pounds. The stand boasts a huge 30"x19.5" one-piece cast aluminum platform with a 3-D design. Lone Wolf stands grab and hold a tree like no other stand will. The stand fits trees 6"-19" in diameter and features a 350lb. weight rating. 

Double Bull Matrix 360
For the ground pounder that likes to shoot his game at eye-level, comes Double Matrix 360 ground blind from the boys at Double Bull Archery. This one-of-a-kind blind features Surround Sight technology allowing for maximum visibility of any ground blind. It also features a Silent Slide window adjustment system, shoot through netting, adjustable fiberglass framework, generous 6-foot-plus shooting diameter, 67 inch center height, and a black interior lining.  Best yet, the blind can be set in under 10 seconds. It's awesome! 

Venom Peep Sight
If you have ever tried to use the standard in string peeps in low light situations you will love the Venom. The body is made from a light blue material and instead of the standard black tubing found on other self-aligning peeps, the Venom utilizes a solid Everlastomer Tether that is also a light color. Combined with the larger aperture the Venom picks up light giving the shooter a larger, brighter sight picture especially valuable during those low light conditions when most deer are moving.

Tracking Light
One new product that is sure to be a lifesaver after you've made the shot is the Carnivore light from Gerber.  Utilizing patent pending TRAX blood tracking technology, the precise combination of red and blue L.E.D. lights, blood drops will stand out against the background enabling you to track and find downed game.  The toggle switch allows you to switch from the TRAX lighting to the bright 40 lumen Xeon bulb to illuminate the trail.  The Carnivore is constructed of high density plastic with rubber over-molded grip and operates on four readily available AA batteries.  

10-LED Flashlight
Essential Gear offers a multi-color hand torch in white, red, blue or green LED. It is compact and incredibly bright.  It has two modes that allow you to change from a 3-LED to full 10-LED power range and an effective LED life of 100,000 hours. This light is water resistent and has a body made from anodized, high-strength, machined aluminum alloy with a Rubber, band Grip.

The guys at the Burt Coyote Company have indeed helped put the fun back into archery with their Lumenok lighted arrow nock.  This revolutionary product is not only fun to shoot, but also allows the archer to always know where the arrow goes.  This not only allows the hunter to know exactly where shot placement occurs, but allows the hunter to quickly and easily find his or her arrow after the shot.   The Lumenok is a lighted uni-nock and adds only 22 grains of weight to your arrow.  Simply remove your nock and put in the Lumenok and your ready to go.  The Lumenok will work with any aluminum arrow that uses the Super Uni bushing and almost all popular brands of carbon arrows such as Carbon Express, Carbon Vision, Epsilon, Easton Axis, Beman ICS, Beman Matrix, Gold Tip, etc.  The Lumenok comes on when shot from your bow and stays on until you turn it off.  The Lumenok's 3volt lithium battery has a 5 year shelf life and will stay lit continuously for 40 hours.  There are other companies with their own rendition of a lighted nock, but I've yet to find anything that comes close to the simplicity of the Lumenok.

Game Processor
One item I received last year that has saved me a ton of time, not to mention money, is Outdoor Edge's Game Processor kit. This kit has got to be one of the most complete set of tools for the hunter wanting to butcher his or her own game. Whether its deer, turkey, elk, or small game, the Game Processor can do it all. The kit includes four of the most useful knives for butchering, carbide knife sharpener, wood/bone saw, carving fork, game shears, brisket spreader, cutting board, cleaning gloves, and carrying case.

Don't forget about taking care of your truck. The Universal-Fit Seat Covers from Hatchie Bottom Outdoor Products not only look good, but offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle's seats. Each cover is made of long-wearing 3mm neoprene for ultimate protection and a comfortable seat every time. Don't ruin your truck's upholstery with mud and grime this season. Protect your truck with Hatchie's unbeatable line of seat covers

Stocking Stuffers
The Bowmaster Bow Press is somewhat of a luxury item that is worth its weight in gold when the archer or bowhunter gets in a pinch and needs to put his or her bow in a press while on a hunt or 3-D shoot. The Bowmaster tool literally fits in the palm of your hand, yet allows you to bend a bow much like full size presses found at archery shops.  Replace strings or cables, install peep sights, adjust draw length, and more with this priceless tool.

Two new products that aid the hunter in staying warm while on the stand, or in the blind are Toasty Feet from the folks at PolarWrap. Toasty Feet shoe insoles help your feet stay warm, using breakthough technology developed for use by NASA. The advanced nanoporous material in Toasty Feet has the highest thermal insulation value of any solid material available today, allowing it to block both heat and cold efficiently, while remaining light and thin enough to fit comfortably in almost any shoe or boot.

Tired of having your binoculars bounce and beat against your chest as you hike through the woods? The Bino-System from Crooked Horn Outfitters is here to the rescue. This super bino strap is ideal for hunting all day long, as well as for riding ATV's or horses, birdwatching, and sporting events. The strap is fully adjustable and keeps binoculars secure to your chest. It is designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the binoculars.

Rope Ratchets
If you haul or tote, or carry anything in a truck you will want to grab some Rope Ratchets. This product obsoletes the standard web type ratchet due to it's easy use. Unlike the standard crank down models to use the Rope Ratchets you simply hook the two ends and pull the rope. These are a must.

The items mentioned above are tools and gadgets that work. Not merely junk that you'll throw in the back of your closet or garage. Do what it takes to get the good stuff this Christmas season. Drop a few hints to your sweet thing and be sure to rip this article out and leave it lying around where they'll be sure to find it between now and Christmas day. More than anything, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas this year and what the celebration is really all about.

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Brodie Swisher is a world game calling champion and freelance outdoor writer from Buchanan, TN. Check out his website at

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