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Trophy Ridge 'DropZone'
By Rich Walton
Nov 24, 2005, 00:01

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The Dropzone Freestyle with Patented Linear Drop Technology.

Fall-away rest technology for the finger shooter is finally here.

The advantages that fall-away arrows give you are impressive and until now finger shooters have been forgotten when it comes to modern day rests. Thatís why we have developed the Dropzone Freestyle with Patent Linear drop technology.

 The New Freestyle launcher is incorporated into the Dropzone design giving the finger shooter the side pressure they need to compensate for string torque. The launcher lifts the arrow at a 90 degree angle into shooting position and holds it there securely in even under extreme conditions and angles. Now the finger shooters can shoot with the confidence of a release shooter with total accuracy and vane clearance.

 This is achieved by using our exclusive Dual Thrust Suspension System that drives the rest down and out of the path of the arrow. This 90 degree drop is faster than other fall away rests that drag on the cable slide or rotate away from the arrow and have arrow clearance problems. 

Great Features:

  • *Built-in launcher guard protects the launcher arm from damage (the only rest with this design).
  • Launcher guard protects the launcher arm against damage.
  • New arrow Rack System holds arrow in place securely and quietly in any conditions.
  • One Allen Wrench will adjust both the horizontal and vertical adjustments.
  • Super durable non stretch BCY cord insures an accurate set-up by attaching to the down cable.
  • This new rest comes in Black and our Match-Tec anodized Camo.
  • Available in: right and left hand models.

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